Democrats Say Trump’s Wall Won’t Work, Obama’s Border Patrol Chief Shuts Them Up

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According to Democrats, an impenetrable wall along our porous southern border with Mexico will not solve our immigration problems. Ask former President Barack Obama’s Border Patrol Chief, however, and you’ll get a much different story.

Barack Obama (left), Mark Morgan (right) (Photo Credit: Pete Souza/Chicago Tribune/Getty Images, Screen Capture/YouTube)

In a Monday night interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the former Border Patrol Chief under former President Barack Obama revealed that he supports President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the southern border.

When asked if walls work, Mark Morgan stated, “Yes. They absolutely work. If you look in the past, you don’t have to go too far back in history, that bipartisan legislation Secure Fence Act in 2006 and 2012, bipartisan legislation passed where they built the wall or fence or physical barrier, whatever you want to call it, it’s a wall. It works.”

“You worked for Obama, you didn’t work for Trump, so I don’t know what that says, but just to be totally clear we’re having you on to talk about this in your capacity as someone who knows a lot about the subject,” explained Carlson. “Is there a real argument against having a wall that you are aware of?” he asked.

Morgan then admitted that he was removed from his position by the Trump administration.

The Border Patrol chief is leaving the agency on the heels of President Trump’s announcement of an ambitious plan to build a massive wall at the Mexican border and hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents.

Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan was asked to resign earlier this week by the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the agency, CBS News has learned.

Morgan’s departure was part of an effort by the incoming administration at the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection to show the agency will be headed in a new direction, a source told CBS News. [Source: CBS News]

“The president is right, the president of [National] Border Control Council is right,” Morgan said on Monday night. “The other day when they had the national press conference and they got up and they said, ‘The wall works,’ they are right, and it’s not based on a personal, political ideology. That’s based on historical data and facts that can be proven.”

“Why do you think people oppose it?” Carlson asked, referring to the wall.

“I think it’s a political point they are trying to make,” Morgan responded.

The chief of U.S. Border Patrol during Barack Obama’s presidency said Monday that President Trump is right in his view that border walls are effective. Mark Morgan said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that walls “absolutely work” and that there is no real argument against building and implementing one.

He added that although he was removed from his position by President Trump’s administration, Trump’s stance on border security makes sense. “The president is right. … That’s based on historical data and facts that can be proven,” Morgan said. [Source: Fox News Insider]

Indeed, if walls didn’t work, you wouldn’t see so many prominent Democrats investing large chunks of change to build them around their luxury homes. Obama, for example, has security and barricades around his mansion in Washington, D.C. But, hypocritically, he doesn’t think the American people should have the safety and security that a wall along the border would provide.

It certainly speaks volumes that Mark Morgan was removed by the Trump administration, yet he stands firmly in support of President Trump’s plan to build a wall along the southern border. If you think it’s time for the Democrats to quit their political grandstanding and come to the table with a compromise on wall funding, it’s time to let them know it. Their excuses need to be drowned out by facts, like those from the former Border Patrol Chief.

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