Trump’s SOTU Address Will Be Missing 1 Thing That All Past Presidents Had… This Is AWESOME

The State of the Union address is a pretty uniform event. However, it seems that just one single thing will be missing this year that all former presidents had during their speeches – and many Americans think it is downright awesome.

Trump’s SOTU Address Will Be Missing 1 Thing That All Past Presidents Had… This Is AWESOME
President Donald Trump (left) at the State of the Union (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

For a year now, the left has sworn to take down President Donald Trump at all costs, and they’ve since stooped to desperate and pathetic lows. However, their efforts have been wasted. For some reason, the fact that people are losing faith in the left hasn’t prompted them to come up with other means of getting their point across.

In fact, they’re once again proving just that by doing what they always do – throwing an entitled temper tantrum. Sadly, this time, it will be happening during the State of the Union address set to be delivered by President Donald Trump later this month.

Apparently, the left believes their tired and useless tactics will finally be effective, even though it’s already been made clear that they’re not. In fact, Trump’s SOTU address is set to be missing just one thing that all former Presidents had during their speeches – Democrats.

According to The Blaze, it looks like at least one Democrat has sworn to boycott the SOTU with others contemplating doing the same after liberal Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) announced his plans to skip out on the event.

“Rather than listening to yet another destructive and divisive speech by Trump, I will not attend this year’s annual address to Congress,” Blumenauer said. “Instead, like I did during Trump’s Inauguration, I will be working here at home listening to Oregonians about what they think about the State of the Union,” he added, according to The Hill.

“Hearing from Oregonians and working together to protect our values and advance policies that actually strengthen our communities is a more productive use of my time,” he concluded.

Proving it to be an old and tired tactic, the Democrats did the same thing last year during Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Of course, then it was a whopping 60 Democrats who didn’t attend, but most of them showed up to his address to a joint session of Congress just a month later.

Such a display of disrespect didn’t have an effect then, and it certainly isn’t about to have an effect now. Showing just how petty they are, though, some of the Democrats who did attend the joint address made it a point to opt out of an aisle seat in order to ensure they didn’t have to shake the president’s hand. Although they thought they were looking valiant on their high horses, Americans mocked them for acting like kindergarten children who were afraid of “cooties.”

A growing portion of the country is becoming increasingly sick and tired of the childlike way the Democrats keep wanting to behave. With many people shrugging their shoulders with a “good riddance” mentality after the recent liberal threat to boycott the SOTU address, it’s clear that no one really cares about the whining Democrats and their hate for President Trump.

In the meantime, Trump continues to win. He’s winning with jobs, the economy, and tax cuts. With his eyes set on immigration and welfare reform, it’s only a matter of time before America starts looking like the great superpower it once was. And, we also see who doesn’t want to play a part in making America great again; namely, Democrats who not only won’t come to the table, they refuse to listen to a speech as well.

You know, it’d actually be rather smart for Democrats to stick around and learn a thing or two from the POTUS. Trump is going to have plenty to talk about, and it’d be good for them to see what a winner looks like. We all know they’re getting tired of losing all the time, but for the sake of their party, it may actually be wise for them to sit in and actually listen to what their Commander-in-Chief has to say.