Trump’s P*ssy Comment Has Nothing On 1 Word Hillary Just Used For Muslims

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Hillary Clinton has been having the time of her life the past few days as liberals are ripping into Donald Trump about his leaked “p*ssy” comments. Unfortunately for her, she may just want to hold off on the celebration as yet another leak has just surfaced, this time about her – and the one word she used for Muslims is nastier than anything Trump has ever said.

As most of us are aware at this point, Hillary doesn’t really need any help cramming her old nasty feet in her mouth, but someone most certainly gave her a boost recently. In fact, Wikileaks dropped a massive leak that would be enough to bury her – if the media would do their jobs and report on it.

Instead, her lapdogs in the media seem to be dragging their feet a bit, and the reasons are absolutely clear at this point. Unfortunately for Hillary, it exposes just how nasty the woman is capable of being when she believes that no one is looking.

We all know the hell that Hillary Clinton’s camp has put Donald Trump through pertaining to his off-color comments, but it seems that the tables have turned. According to reports, an email released with the latest dump depicts Hillary using the word “sand n*ggers” when speaking about Muslims.

Now, it should be noted here that many people are claiming that the email was actually stating what someone else said, but the point still stands. Seeing how Hillary Clinton still forwarded an email with this kind of language is downright despicable, especially considering the high horse she’s been riding around on lately.

Trump’s P*ssy Comment Has Nothing On 1 Word Hillary Just Used For Muslims

I mean, why wouldn’t she at least sensor such a word (as we did above) or just remove it entirely before sending it along? Furthermore, how do Hillary’s best buddies at designated terrorist group CAIR and her Muslim chief advisor Huma Abedin feel about her just passing documents with that kind of language within? Or even her so-called “tolerant” voters?

The list goes on and on pertaining to how damaging this could be for Hillary, but there’s just one small problem – no one knows about it. If we’ve been shown anything this election, it’s just how powerful a part the media plays in these things. By running 24-hour, negative propaganda on one candidate while ignoring the bad parts from the other side, you can easily develop a misinformed public – which certainly seems to be the case with those who are voting for Hillary.

Too bad for her, people are waking up to the real Hillary. This fake façade will only get her so far. With a month still to go before the election, one can only wonder how many more skeletons will be coming out of her closet.