VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Unleashes Fury, Destroys Illegal Alien With 8 Words He Didn’t Expect

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Former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies and his “DREAMers” were shoved down our throats, giving us thousands of entitled leeches demanding that we allow illegal aliens to reap our country’s benefits, despite the fact that they spit on our Constitution and laws. Unsurprisingly, Americans have had enough. Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson shut down one DACA recipient with 8 brutal words on live TV as Carlson unleashed his fury, and rightfully so.

Tucker Carlson (left) has eight brutal words for DACA recipient Ivan Ceja (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Monday evening while pressing for her Dreamer Act, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi got an ear full from hundreds of angry illegal aliens, screaming in her face and insisting she answer their questions on whether they would get deported. The illegals got right in her face, yelling, “Yes or No!” chanting, “Democrats deport!” as others yelled, “Shutdown ICE!” and demanded, “All of us or none of us!” adding, “We are not your bargaining chip!” The Daily Mail reported.

Of course, a small-minded Liberal like Pelosi couldn’t help but stoop to their level, yelling back with snarky remarks. “Do you want to hear an answer or do you just want to chant?” she said as they screamed back, “LIAR!” as she told them, “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” It seems her patience was wearing thin when her own liberal policies were biting her in the backside. Poor Pelosi couldn’t even give her speech as she rushed out to safety after being verbally attacked by angry aliens.

Following the Pelosi vs illegals nightmare, Tucker Carlson had DACA recipient Ivan Ceja on his show to attempt to clear the air on why these aliens feel they have the right to be so entitled as they are here illegally, but the interview got even uglier than Pelosi’s presser. Tucker pointed out how ungrateful illegal aliens are after they have benefited tremendously from our society as they are demanding, hostile, and show a “lack of gratitude.”

They are also demanding all 11 million (illegal aliens) get citizenship. Who really knows how many illegal aliens are in the United States. The real number could easily be upwards of 20-30 million plus. As they demonstrated today, DACA isn’t enough. Now it’s a free for all and it’s pizza for everyone. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

Ivan Ceja’s perspective on our elected officials is completely and utterly skewed. Ceja claimed that elected officials represent their constituents, which he says includes illegal aliens, but it wouldn’t be a Tucker Carlson interview without giving a liberal guest a brutal dose of reality. Tucker Carlson shot back by saying the U.S. government exists to protect the needs of U.S. citizens — it does not exist to protect non-U.S. citizens, like Ceja.

The two went back and forth as Carlson tried desperately to get it through Ceja’s entitled head, but Ceja was chockfull of propaganda that he thought would defend his case. However, Tucker had eight words that completely shut him down as he said, “You don’t have a right to demand anything!” In just those 8 words, Tucker said everything we’ve all been thinking and wanted to say.

For someone who is here illegally, Ceja and those like him have an awful lot of opinion to go with their ungrateful attitudes. Thankfully, us taxpayers, who end up with the burden of supporting these millions of aliens, have someone like Tucker to put them in their place publically. Ceja is a perfect example of the diseased-minded attitudes we need to get out of our country. Patriots are sick of these alien’s taking advantage of our one-of-a-kind country in attempts to turn it socialist.