Tucker Carlson Destroys Mexican Dreamer After She Makes 2 Big Mistakes

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Tucker Carlson (left), Julissa Arce (right) (Photo: YouTube)

Barack Obama shoved the Dreamer Act down the throats of Americans, and it got us a population of self-entitled morons who brag about how they live off the system and despise our country. Recently, Fox’s Tucker Carlson made one Dreamer pay for two huge admissions that she made on live TV that turned out to be two big mistakes.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Julissa Arce, a woman who was born in Mexico and illegally brought to the United States by her parents, appeared on Carlson’s show on April 20 to talk about Obama’s Dreamers. Arce’s first mistake was admitting that she used a fake social security number to get a job at Goldman Sachs, and her second mistake was bashing the U.S. on Carlson’s show. Watch as he lets her have it.

Watch as he lets her have it:

I hope that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was watching this episode of Tucker Carlson’s show. This woman just admitted to social security fraud and identity theft, which are felony offenses, according to SSA.gov. Now, she has the audacity to flaunt her six-figure income as a vice president at Goldman Sachs while bashing our country and its immigration laws.

It’s too bad that she married a U.S. citizen and is now legally in the country because I would love nothing more than to see ICE pack her into a van and head for the border. Arce can take her self-entitlement and hate for American sovereignty back to Mexico with her.

Another thing, why on earth would one of the most prestigious financial services companies in the world hire someone like Arce without thoroughly checking her identity? Either they did and are now accomplices to fraud, or they didn’t and are complete idiots. I guess it’s not a huge surprise, considering Goldman Sach’s globalist views in addition to running a company so poorly that they needed a taxpayer bailout.

For someone who came to this country with nothing, Arce is truly ungrateful. Hard-working American taxpayers fed her, clothed her, paid for her education, and even provided a social security number for her to steal. You might think that there would be an ounce of gratitude but no. This is exactly the diseased mentality that we are fighting to keep out of our country.

In the end, if you have too many Julissa Arces in the country, what you get is Venezuela. Socialism goes to the extreme, and then the entire economy goes down the toilet. I’m tired of people like Arce taking advantage of our country and adding insult to injury by flaunting their lawlessness. I think some charges are in order for her admitted identity theft. Share this if you want to see her on the receiving end of American justice.

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