Tucker DESTROYS Gay Trump Protester, Exposes 1 BIG Lie About Obama & Soros

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Shane Saunders (left), an anti-Trump protester, got destroyed by Tucker Carlson (middle) who exposed the big lie that Barack Obama & George Soros (right) don’t want Americans to know.

Tucker Carlson welcomed a gay activist to his show who professed to organize protests against President Donald Trump. Carlson was hoping that the gay activist could enlighten him about why this man was so ardently against Trump, but instead, his straightforward questions were met with a very unstable man who got caught exposing the one big lie about Barack Obama and George Soros that they don’t want you to know.

Shane Saunders, one of the “Not My President’s Day” protest organizers, struggled to tell Tucker Carlson why he “as a gay man” is afraid of Donald Trump. Saunders started off his interview with the caveat that he was gay and that’s was why he is protesting Trump — as if being gay is a reason in itself to be anti-Trump.

Carlson then asked the obvious question, “You said as a gay man you want to call attention to LGBT issues, I’m not aware that Trump is on a different side as you on those issues, what do you mean exactly?” This is the whole point; Tucker Carlson wants the man to answer the obvious question, what is this guy’s big problem with Trump?

Well, poor Shane Saunders has no clue why he is protesting. He really has no reason. He is just doing it because other LGBT activists are doing it. This is the big lie the far leftists paid by George Soros and Barack Obama’s organization “Organizing for Action” don’t want Americans to know — these protesters are just useful idiots who can’t explain why they hate Trump.

Daily Caller reports what happened next, explaining that after Saunders cited his sexual preferences, Carlson pressed him, to which the activist accused Carlson of “twisting his words.”

“I’m not,” Carlson responded. “You just said you were protesting Trump because you’re fearful, particularly as you said ‘as a gay man.’ I asked you what is he going to do to you as a gay man, and you said nothing really.”

Saunders launched into an incoherent rant about “potential legislation that is out there,” which is the talking point these useful idiots are taught to say. The big problem with this is it makes no sense, and Carlson calls Saunders out on his non-answer.

All Saunders could do was fall back on being gay and accusing Carlson of picking on his gayness. It was really a pathetic scene, and it proves that these protesters are just lemmings who do not think for themselves.

George Soros and Barack Obama are holding six-week training courses, teaching smarter useful idiots how to debate. They actually are teaching them to lie effectively and how to filibuster an argument because there is one thing they do not have on their side, and that is truth.

Tucker Carlson exposes the anti-Trump protests as the one big rouse going on in America today. The liberals have the Hollywood crowd, George Soros, Barack Obama, and the mainstream media all brainwashing pathetic fools into believing their lies about President Donald Trump. Thank God for patriots who love America enough to find out and spread the truth.

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