TV Star Uses Jesus to Slam Trump — Gets Schooled by Christians

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TV star Pauley Perrette quoted Scripture and referenced Jesus when she slammed President Donald Trump. The Hollywood actress tried to shame the POTUS and his supporters, claiming they disgrace His name. Christians were quick to give this entitled celebrity a Bible lesson.

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette used Jesus to criticize President Donald Trump. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Arturo Rey/Unsplash, Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

It’s amazing to watch Democrats meltdown by their own hypocrisy. Especially liberals in Hollywood. These corrupt elitists become rich and powerful by exploiting all kinds of lies, cheats, and vices. Actors get famous by peddling smut, drug abuse, violence, and sex on TV and movies.

Democrats in D.C. get votes by exploiting abortion, broken families, LGBT issues, and racial divides. They abuse the government to punish working families and businesses to make their buddies rich.

Then they turn around and lecture regular Americans who uphold traditional family values, morals, and Biblical principles. It’s enough to make you sick.

Last month, TV producer Chuck Lorre posted a blasphemous prayer invoking the wrath of God against Trump and his supporters. The secular Hollywood producer suddenly fell back on religion, in an effort to shame voters who put faith in God ahead of everything else.

The day before the midterm elections, another Hollywood elitist has come out to condemn President Trump and his supporters. Pauley Perrette was a household fixture for many years on NCIS. The star played Abby Sciuto, a fan favorite, for over a decade. It’s safe to say she enjoys a devoted following.

When discussing Trump and his reputation (in the fake media), she compared him with Jesus. Ignoring all the good Trump’s done for this country, she proceeded to bash him, claiming Jesus would never do what Trump has done. She then went on to shame Americans for supporting him.

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette invoked the name of Jesus on Monday in an effort to declare President Donald Trump a “mean, mean man” before Election Day.

Perrette, who portrayed Abby Sciuto on CBS’s NCIS for over ten years, identifies herself on her Twitter account as a “civil rights/community activist.”

Quoting Matthew 16:26, Perrette began her rant against Trump with the scripture passage, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?”

“Where is Jesus when voting for someone who does the opposite of Jesus?” Perrette asks. [Source: Breitbart]

As a Christian and Bible college graduate, I think I can accurately answer Perrette’s bogus and manipulative post.

Perrette dishonestly compares the warped depiction of Trump by the liberal media to her personal interpretation of Jesus Christ. She accuses Trump of saying “horribly mean things,” ignoring the fact that Jesus was just as confrontation (if not more so) to the hypocrites and corrupt leaders of his day (see Matthew 23:13)

Perrette told more lies about Trump, saying he spreads hate about race, women, and handicapped people. Once again, the left smears the president. They accuse him of hate, while never backing it with evidence. I guess the throngs of people who support Trump (including women and minorities) hate themselves?

The actress claims to be a Christian and will gladly “vote against Trump and his pals.” I guess she hasn’t bothered to look at the record of the Democrats she backs. Few Democrats have a track record that could align with Christian values.

Democrats frequently violate our First Amendment religious rights. They support groups that attack Christians, churches, and religious groups. The Democratic Party embraces policies that erode Biblical definitions of marriage, sexuality, and family. Democrats advocate that godless government have more say in a child’s life than his own mother and father.

And let’s not forget the ultimate deal breaker: Democrats defend and support the murder of unborn children. I think Jesus has more than a few things to say about that.

I’m not the only Christian who was quick to call out Perrette’s deliberate ignorance.

Far be it from me to question the sincerity of someone’s faith. But when an entitled celebrity uses the name of Jesus to slam someone else, you have to call it what it is: bull crap. Maybe next time Perrette will keep her bogus, manipulative comments to herself.