Two Young Boys Seek Unknown Soldier Who Gave Them Gift Of A Lifetime

Two young brothers are actively seeking an unknown soldier after a chance meeting in a small town in Georgia. The young boys encountered a soldier in uniform while shopping with their mom and were so excited to see a soldier that they ran to his side to tell the unknown soldier “Thank-you.” What the soldier did next will leave you speechless.

Jaydn, 6 years old, and his younger brother Gregory were shopping at Walmart when they saw the uniformed soldier. After getting permission from their mom, the boys ran to greet the soldier with the warmest thank-you. The boys say that the soldier, obviously touched by these two very young boys’ gratitude, ripped off two of his patches on his uniform and gifted the young boys with one each.

Now, the boy’s mother, Destiny from Lawerenceville, Georgia, is seeking the unknown soldier. The patches shown below provided clues for Destiny, as she was able to look them up and narrow down her search.


All three thanked the officer “a thousand times” and were blown away by his kindness and thoughtfulness. The boys’ mother, Destiny, was able to narrow down the infantry by searching his patches online. She says she believes he is part of the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. They are based out of Macon, but there are a few other stations throughout the state. — via Fox 5 News

The boys and their mom sought help from the local Fox News station to get the word out about their wonderful experience and ask the public for assistance in finding this hero. Remembering the look on her boys’ faces, Destiny wants to reach out to the soldier to let him know what that gesture meant to her sons.


“I saw a soldier at Walmart. I wanted to say thank you, because he fights for our freedom,” Jadyn said. “When I told him ‘thank you’ he gave me and my baby bother patches from his army uniform. It made me feel very good, because it made me feel special. I want to find him so we can make him a thank you note and know his name. He’s my hero. Thank you for trying to help my mommy and me find him.”

Many speculate that the soldier may want to stay anonymous. Humbleness is the mark of true heroes, and those who give from the heart do so not wanting any attention.

While patches on a U.S. soldier’s uniform may seem a small gesture or something that will be forgotten to some, for these two young boys, this act of meaningful kindness is truly something they will never forget. It is these acts that spur young children on to become heroes themselves.

[h/t Western Journalism]

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