DEADLY: U.S. Water Supply Hacked By Terrorists, Major Cover-Up Going On

A little known incident is coming out in some reports, and it’s looking very deadly. Hoping to fly this information under the radar, the report is on a computer security site, and it says hackers have infiltrated our water supply. Muslim terrorists have often bragged that they will contaminate our water, and doubly frightening are reports that say a deadly cover up is going on, putting all of us at risk.

Water treatment plant

Most of us know that terrorists have warned they will target our water supply. What is not known is that a report, issued by Verizon, is saying these terrorists were successful in hacking into a known water supply in the United States.

According to The Register UK:

The cyber-attack is documented in this month’s IT security breach report (available here, registration required) from Verizon Security Solutions. The utility in question is referred to using a pseudonym, Kemuri Water Company, and its location is not revealed.

A “hacktivist” group with ties to Syria compromised Kemuri Water Company’s computers after exploiting unpatched web vulnerabilities in its internet-facing customer payment portal, it is reported.

Because this is Verizon, we know this happened in the United States. What the report is covering up is the real name of the plant. Intentionally, they use a fake name, “Kemuri Water Company.” The report states, “This system, which was connected to the internet, managed programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that regulated valves and ducts that controlled the flow of water and chemicals used to treat it through the system.”

What this means is that the terrorists were able to pour different levels of chemicals into the water supply. This could be deadly, if the terrorists were able to pour loads of a certain chemical into the water, like potassium chloride, which could cause heart problems and even death.

Jihad Watch points out that Muslim terrorists have a long history of targeting our water supply. The security report goes on:

“Verizon’s RISK Team uncovered evidence that the hacktivists had manipulated the valves controlling the flow of chemicals twice – though fortunately to no particular effect. The same hack also resulted in the exposure of personal information of the utility’s 2.5 million customers. There’s no evidence that this has been monetised or used to commit fraud.” [via The Register UK]

Obviously, the public was not meant to see this report. It was on a Verizon computer security site, and the language used is for computer techs. This is another wake up call for this country. Our nation is under siege, and these Muslim terrorists are serious. Worse, it’s being hidden from us while we are put at risk. We need a serious leader who will put our security at top priority. Until then, our water supply is another thing we must be wary about.

[h/t Jihad Watch]

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