EXPOSED: This Is What Migrants Are Really Doing At The Border — It’s Not Pretty

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Americans have watched as a migrant caravan marched to our border. Though millions were shocked to see it, liberals have championed the migrants, demanding we welcome them. But the truth was revealed about what many of these caravan members have been doing to Tijuana. And it’s not pretty.

Images and video are coming out, revealing what caravan migrants are doing to Mexico. (Photo Credit: ORLANDO ESTRADA/AFP/Getty Images/Kyle Rothenberg/Twitter, Screenshot/Twitter)

The immigration system in the United States has been a heated issue for a long time. It’s become a major issue ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy. Trump’s plan to enforce our immigration laws and build a wall on our Southern border has enraged immigration activists who want an open border.

Over the last two years, Trump has made big progress with his goals. The wall is far from finished, but Border Patrol is back at work. The DOJ and ICE have been cracking down on illegals within the country. It looked as if our government would finally enforce our immigration laws again, putting Americans first.

Then, on the eve of the midterms, the unthinkable happened. Several caravans of thousands of Central American migrants started marching to our border. They intended on just entering our country, no questions asked.

They were told by immigration activists that they would be easily allowed into the country, even given jobs and money.

The truth was much different. President Trump has made it clear that these caravans will not be allowed to simply enter the country. As they pushed their way past Mexican authorities, these migrants reached Tijuana.

Migrants are forced to comply with a slow-walked asylum process. Few will be granted entry into the United States. Many are growing disgruntled, shocked to learn they are not getting the red-carpet treatment they were promised.

To express their anger, it seems like they are not treating their Mexican host with much respect.

Caravan migrants from Central America that are stuck in Tijuana, Mexico are reportedly trashing the area, leaving behind bottles of urine and mountains of trash.

The news comes as migrants are facing increasing backlash and negative attitudes from local Mexican residents, as the overwhelming majority of Mexican residents — 73% — hold negative views towards the migrants, according to a poll from the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

Fox News journalist Kyle Rothenberg captured video from areas where migrants have stayed in Tijuana which show mountains of garbage and filth. [Source: The Daily Wire]

Reports indicate that more than a few migrants are suffering from serious diseases, but liberal media claims this is not a cause for concern.

Hmm. These definitely aren’t the hard-working, simply-looking-for-a-chance good-natured folks the Democrats claimed they were. Instead, these are people who have little respect for the country that welcomed them.

If they do this to Mexico, how will they behave if/when they are welcomed into the United States?

Some of the migrants have started to change their minds about wanting to enter the U.S., as an MSNBC reporter said last week that many of the migrants are now wanting to return home after they were falsely told “that crossing the border would be a relatively painless process, and that most of them would be eligible for available work programs designed to help them integrate into American culture and society.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

So, they aren’t getting what they want and they are lashing out. They are trashing Tijuana streets and communities. They are spreading filth and disease. Looks like they aren’t doing anything to clean up where they’re staying. They are certainly not making Mexico a better place.

It seems like the Democrats’ claims are all washed up. These migrants aren’t refugees fleeing trouble. They are freeloaders looking for handouts. When things aren’t working out their way, they destroy the country they’re in.

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