Uncle Ted Slams ‘High School Brat,’ Says Everything Racebaiters Don’t Want To Hear

Everyone has their own opinion on what happened last week at a South Carolina school when a deputy removed a defiant student from the classroom, but perhaps none is as unique as that of Ted Nugent’s view. In a rather interesting editorial, he weighed in on the controversial incident, and it’s something everyone needs to see.

Ever since the Monday incident — when a 16-year-old student disrupted class, was asked by three different adults to leave the room, refused to comply, then assaulted a police officer — people have tried to say Deputy Ben Fields used excessive force, despite video evidence to the contrary. However, the court of public opinion reached a verdict, and Fields lost his job before all the facts were known, which is something Nugent isn’t too happy about since he believes the girl “had it coming.”

Uncle Ted Came Out SWINGING Over ‘High School Brat,’ You’ll Want To See This

In a WND op-ed titled, “That High School Brat Had It Coming,” Nugent unloaded in defense of Deputy Fields while blasting “political correctness” as the cause of his termination.

I would like to obliterate the obscenity of political correctness yet once again by offering a huge Nuge thank you and SALUTE to Columbia, South Carolina, Senior Deputy Ben Fields. You know, that master of “improvise, adapt and overcome” good citizen cop all good Americans have come to admire and respect, who yanked the Spring Valley High School defiant brat out of her classroom desk and dragged her kicking and squealing like the disobedient punk she is.

As the liberal denial freaks recoil in feigned horror at such “unnecessary” violent disruption by the good officer Fields, I am proud to stand with the many millions of Americans who know damn well she had it coming, and clearly long overdue at that.

Nugent went on to point out that the “brat, like so many undisciplined brats before her,” refused to follow the “basic principle” of life called obeying, and he noted that she likely has gotten away with being disobedient all of her life. “Finally,” he believes someone “did the right thing” and gave the girl a hefty dose of reality, but “political correctness” again reigned supreme, ultimately costing Fields his job.

Nugent, like other responsible parents, debunked the notion that his children would have even been in that situation to begin with. He said they’ve “been properly disciplined” to obey the rules, laws, and authority figures, then listed off several instances where failing to be respectful cost people their lives.

None of my family members would attack a neighborhood watch volunteer and end up getting shot and killed.

None of my children would steal anything from a store and then assault the shopkeeper.

None of my children would defy orders from a cop, assault him and attempt to steal his gun, then attack him and get shot in self-defense.

None of the Nugent family would sell illegal cigarettes then violently resist arrest.

None of my children would disobey a directive from a teacher or any school authority figure.

Uncle Ted also offered up some friendly advice to Americans, which likely won’t sit too well with the hyper-sensitive left, who’s been advocating anarchy and empowering people to disrespect authority.

Obey and everything will go smoothly.

Obey and you won’t get beat.

Obey and you won’t get maced.

Obey and they won’t stun gun you.

Obey and you won’t get shot.

Obey and you won’t get ripped from your desk and put under control.

Act like an animal and you will end up being treated like an animal.

Boom! It really is that simple, and Ted Nugent is spot on, yet again. While the girl may have had a troubled life, it does not excuse her from being respectful and having to obey authority, period. Many people have troubled lives, but you don’t see them acting out, rioting, disrespecting police officers, or a myriad of other bad behavior we’ve been seeing lately. As Nugent said, excusing it only enables similar activity in the future.

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