Man Finds Unconscious Crash Victim, Does One Thing Before Taking Off

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Man Finds Unconscious Crash Victim, Does One Thing Before Taking Off
Jessica Bingham with unidentified son who was no involved in wreck (left), Scene at wreck (right)

On Monday afternoon, Danny Paniagua was driving down the freeway in Utah when he saw a wrecked car off to the side. The woman, who had been driving it, was found unconscious, yet still alive, several feet away from the wreckage. However, before medics and cops could get there, Danny did one thing before taking off.

Jessica Bingham was headed north on the interstate in Ogden when she lost control of her SUV. The vehicle flipped at least six times before ramming into the median. She was flung from the car, landing 50 feet away from the wreckage on the other side of the cement barrier, Fox 13 reported.

Seconds after the horrific incident, Danny pulled up to find Jessica unresponsive and covered in blood. He told the news station that at first he wasn’t sure about stopping when he saw other people gathered around her, but he felt as though he was being “prompted” to do so. When he walked up to her, he knew why he was there.

Man Finds Unconscious Crash Victim, Does One Thing Before Taking Off
Danny Paniagua

“She wasn’t moving, but her eyes were moving. People were crouched around her, and I saw a tiny bit of movement,” Paniagua said. Knowing she was still alive, he knelt before her and began praying for protection and healing, as other men who witnessed it joined in the prayer. Moments later, emergency responders arrived and transported the 29-year-old mother from the scene to the hospital. Danny took off, not knowing what became of the woman until later, but he was confident that it was in God’s hands.

When Jessica arrived to he emergency room, doctors were amazed that she had not only survived, but that she didn’t suffer a broken neck or spine. Having been violently thrown from the vehicle, there was no plausible answer, other than the power of Danny’s prayer.

“I think any prayer in any religion — anything being sent out to the universe, whatever you believe in works,” said Jessica’s mother, Denice Okey, who wasn’t a believer before. She may now have a change of faith, after seeing the miracle in her daughter. Jessica is said to be in critical but stable condition and showing huge signs of improvement, as prayer warriors continue to speak strength into her, thanks to Danny’s Facebook post about the incident going viral.

Danny’s faithful efforts, and those who joined in prayer with him over her bloody body that afternoon, are believed by many to have been what kept her alive long enough to make it to the hospital. It’s an incredible testament to always listen to your gut, following the feeling God placed there for a reason, and always remain faithful to His plan and ability to perform miracles.