Left’s Beloved ‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Butchers Maryland Man For Asking 1 Simple Question

As the Democratic Party demands millions of illegal aliens be granted citizenship, one of their own “undocumented immigrants” brutally butchered a Maryland man in broad daylight for asking 1 simple question.

Left's Beloved 'Undocumented Immigrant' Butchers Maryland Man For Asking 1 Simple Question
Illegal alien Salvador Gomez-Lopez (left) was arrested after a brutal stabbing spree in which he butchered a Maryland man in broad daylight for asking him one question. (Photo Credit: Mongomery County Police Department, David McNew/Getty Images)

With the election of President Donald Trump, Democrats realized that they can no longer rely on their failing liberal policies to win elections. In fact, even major voter fraud proved incapable of handing the White House to Hillary Clinton. As such, the Democratic Party has stooped to flagrantly supporting an overthrow of our nation’s laws in a bid to protect millions of illegal invaders whom they hope will secure them future elections.

Of course, convincing the American people to jump on board with the idea of granting millions of demanding, entitled illegal aliens who despise our nation and pledge allegiance to their homelands is no easy task. This is why liberals have falsely painted illegals solely as students, engineers, doctors, and victims of society in a ruthless bid to pander to the bleeding hearts. Unfortunately for them, their beloved illegals are daily proving that we need President Donald Trump’s wall.

According to local outlet WJLA, Salvador Gomez-Lopez, a 46-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, brandished a knife and began relentlessly stabbing an unidentified Maryland man on November 30 for simply asking him to pull up his pants and urinate in a nearby restroom instead of in public at a local bus stop.

The victim had only finished requesting that Gomez-Lopez refrains from public indecency in front of fellow bystanders when the drunk illegal alien flew into a rage, plunging his blade in the man’s neck, face, and stomach.

Miraculously, the male victim managed to survive the attack and identify Gomez-Lopez to police officers, who caught the migrant shortly after arriving on the scene. Although the victim’s current condition is reportedly unknown, he was conscious when authorities questioned him and gave a detailed statement concerning his attacker’s outrageous behavior.

The victim explained that Gomez-Lopez dropped his pants and began urinating at the bus stop in plain view of civilians around 11 p.m. Disgusted by the indecent display, the man asked the migrant to pull up his trousers, pointing him in the direction of a bathroom. It was then that Gomez-Lopez unexpectedly pulled a box cutter from his backpack and launched his brutal attack.

The victim was slashed and stabbed multiple times but miraculously managed to wrestle the blade away from Gomez-Lopez before he could do further damage. Along with several other lacerations, the man sustained 3 deep cuts to his neck.

Police confirmed that Salvador Gomez-Lopez was uncooperative with authorities and gave investigators a fake name, according to Fox News. Police soon discovered that the migrant has 2 children and worked part-time, doing odd jobs for a relative.

Gomez-Lopez is scheduled for a 3-day trial in April at the Mongomery County Circuit courthouse. He currently faces up to 38 years in prison for first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and carrying a deadly weapon with intent to injure.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has lodged an immigration detainer against the El Salvadorian national in the hopes that they will be able to carry out his deportation after he serves his prison sentence, which might prove difficult considering the district’s sanctuary policy.

Disturbingly, sanctuary city policies have resulted in the empowerment of criminal migrants as well as the hindrance of federal officials to carry out justice. Last week, 48-year-old Santiago Martinez-Florez was found guilty on charges of first-degree rape of a 9-year-old girl, attempted rape, burglary, and coercion. Martinez-Flores had enjoyed the protection of sanctuary city Milwaukie, Oregon, before climbing through the child’s bedroom window and sexually assaulting her.

In January 2018, Mexican national Luis Enriquez Bracamontes was found eligible for the death penalty after expressing no remorse for killing Sacramento sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr and shooting a third victim in the head. Bracamontes admitted that he intends to break out of prison and kill more police officers.

In December 2017, President Donald Trump announced that, as part of his crackdown on illegal sanctuary cities, he has denied Los Angeles $98 million in federal funding for refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement officials. The city is notorious for harboring illegal aliens and preventing ICE from carrying out arrests and deportations, often allowing these migrants to commit further offenses.

The more that liberals protect illegal aliens, the more they endanger the lives of American citizens. It’s time that our nation’s laws are obeyed and enforced, as these invaders have no excuse for bucking the legal process that millions of hard-working legal immigrants have honorably completed.

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