What UNICEF Says About Muslims Raping Children Proves How Sick Liberalism Is

Leftists have always preached that we must accept and tolerate the sickening, medieval behaviors to which many Muslims migrants adhere. However, when the United Nations Children’s Funds was asked what it would do for the children being systematically raped by their much older Muslim husbands, the “children’s rights” organization had just one thing to say.

With the influx of Muslim asylum seekers, Norway is so overrun by leftist policies that they’re finally showing their true colors on one of the most controversial topics in Islamic ideology — child marriage. The small European nation has already taken in over 60 child brides and their adult husbands. However, instead of rescuing these innocent, abused children, Norway’s liberals have a different approach.

Speisa reports that UNICEF has announced that it believes federal laws should be broken to allow some of the children to continue being raped by their adult spouses. When questioned on the dozens of child refugees already in Norway, UNICEF Norway’s Merete Agerbak Jensen responded with an inexcusable justification.

“In some cases it may be best for the child to remain in a marriage after they have come to this country. In circumstances where those who are married are not too young, in a totally voluntary and fairly equal relationship and maybe has a child, it may in some cases be in the child’s best interest that we do not strictly follow the law,” Jensen said, according to VG.

What UNICEF Says About Muslims Raping Children Proves How Sick Liberalism Is
Liberal hypocrite and useful lap dog Merete Agerbak Jensen claims she doesn’t advocate for child marriage, but she’s willing to break the law to ensure that married children remain with their pedophile husbands.

At the same time, Jensen completely contradicts herself, adding that she personally believes that child marriage should never be accepted under any circumstances.

Liberal Norwegian Professor Per Fugelli also supports this politically correct pedophilia, excusing the inhumane behavior with the typical leftist excuse that it’s their “culture and belief,” so we should respect it.

According to NRK, Fugelli doesn’t think that Muslim child rapists are “despicable or morally primitive” at all. When responding to Norwegian Immigration and Inclusion Minister Sylvi Listhaug’s comment that it is “absolutely disgusting to marry children,” Fugelli refuted this notion and instead supported the rape of minors who cannot mentally consent.

“We will not accept it, but try to understand that in parts of the world this is a custom. It has been that way for 1,000 years. And those who follow this custom are not despicable, they are not morally primitive. They will be met with good intentions, and we need to find arrangements which ensure that they comply with Norwegian law,” he said.

What UNICEF Says About Muslims Raping Children Proves How Sick Liberalism Is
Liberal Professor Per Fugelli believes that raping children isn’t “despicable” or “morally primitive,” but should be met with “good will.”

Fugelli understands that the youngest child bride to arrive in his country is only 11, but he believes that Westerners should indirectly support her abuse by allowing the sham marriage. He reiterates that the West should respect Muslim pedophiles because they have “been through war.”

“I think it is important also for practical reasons. They come here from war. They are scared and vulnerable,” he said of the pedophiles, not their helpless child victims. “Then we’ll try to meet them with good will. Instead of condemning them. It is not good integration.”

As we’ve warned time and time again, the left has been reduced to an amoral perversion of the former Democratic party. As they embraced the sexual desires of homosexuals, transsexuals, pansexuals, and the lot, they’ve found that their “tolerance and acceptance” must be extended to all types of debauchery. Now, they claim that pedophilia must be respected and understood, simply because it is part of a medieval ideology whose prophet practiced it.

The left is circling the Machiavellian drain, and the victims of the deviants they support have fallen by the wayside. However, I will never “try to understand” this inhumanity, nor will I accept it. It doesn’t matter if they have been practicing it since the dawn of time, that doesn’t make it right or justifiable.

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