University Liberals Take In African Migrants, Horrified By What They ‘Catch’ From Them

After welcoming in a group of 100 African migrants, liberal university staffers called the police to remove them all after discovering what they had “caught” from their multicultural guests.

University Liberals Take In African Migrants, Horrified By What They 'Catch' From Them
After housing around 100 African migrants in their dormitory (right), university staffers immediately regretted their decision when they saw what their new guests had given them. (Photo Credit: Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket via Getty Images, YouTube)

As campuses ramp up their indoctrination of socialist justice propaganda, replacing education with political activism, colleges are churning out thousands of fervent ideologues for whom no amount of evidence or logic can pull them from their doctrine. These new-age Marxists leave the classrooms to implement their extremist values, shutting down all opposing speech or thought.

Disturbingly, the liberal educators molding these social justice warriors are now at the mercy of the monster they’ve created. However, many are finding that it’s too late to pull back on the reigns as their progressive soldiers continue marching on toward imminent devastation and chaos.

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In January 2018, French students, staffers, and the president of University Paris-8 in Saint-Denis welcomed in approximately 100 West African migrants. Believing they were fulfilling their duty to humanity, the benevolent far-leftists offered an entire dormitory as free housing for the mostly Muslim migrants. What they received in return is exactly what they’ve repeatedly mocked conservatives for warning would happen.

According to Breitbart, the university notified police to forcibly remove over 60 African migrants after the staffers discovered that they had contracted scabies (body lice) from them and that their guests had vandalized the dormitory they were so generously given. Police escorted out dozens of migrants, who are responsible for inflicting severe damage to the university property, including sinister threats of violence against their liberal donors.

Local outlet France24 reports that although the same university employees and students who had advocated to house the migrants were abused by their multicultural guests, around 70 far-left activists still attempted to block police officers from evicting the migrants by forming a human chain in protest. Officers eventually used tear gas to disperse the crowd and gain access to the building.

At least 60 migrants were evacuated from the dormitory they had decimated, leaving the university with the massive repair bill. Adding insult to injury, the liberal staffers were greeted by horrifying threats left behind by their migrant lodgers.

Previous reports revealed the presence of anti-white slogans at the university such as “fuck all white people”, “Death to the whites”, as well as other slogans like “Kill Cops” and “Self-directed Caliphate. Islamo-Situationist International.”

One user tweeted a photo of some of the devastation the migrant guests inflicted upon their free housing in the dormitory. The graffiti contains disturbing threats such as “it’s a beautiful thing to burn” and “abolish the state” and “kill a racist and burn the filthy bastard’s body.”

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“End of the evacuation of about 60 migrants in Paris 8: ‘no excessive violence, no injuries, no arrest’ according to the Deputy Mayor of Saint-Denis Vincent Huet,” Figaro journalist Louis Heidsieck tweeted.

“From 7: 00 a first bus was taking migrants to a gymnasium of the Raincy.’Either they will be released on the street, or brought to a detention center: a circle without end’ explains Jean, a BIA of 75 militant come this morning in support of refugees,” he tweeted.

“About 40 of students sitting in front of the College.’There was a lot of stress in Paris 8 this week, guard towers, people who do not sleep with the situation of the exiles. It’s depressing what just happened’ one of them explains,” Heidsieck concluded.

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When leftists demand we welcome in an unfettered number of migrants, they are counting on the idea that these migrants either possess the same values we do or that they will spontaneously adopt these values once they see our generosity and tolerance toward them. What they don’t realize is that they are hoping to simply eradicate thousands of years of cultural violence, intolerance, and oppression with welfare. As migrant-flooded Europe proves, simple charity and freedom aren’t incentives for migrants to abandon their medieval culture but to conquer our benevolent culture.

Liberalism is not only unintentionally striving to wipe itself out, it’s threatening to dismantle Western democracy. If the left gets its way with open borders and multiculturalism, freedom and progress will fall to the most aggressive of oppressors.

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