USA Today Bashes Gun Owners With Lame Graphic, Backfires When Viewers See 1 Small Detail

Everywhere we look these days, the left is doing their best to make guns and their owners look bad. Proving that most recently was USA Today when they released a pathetic graphic in a lame attempt to drum up outrage. Too bad for them, things almost immediately blew up in their faces the moment viewers saw one tiny detail, and it’s downright embarrassing – for them, at least.

USA Today Bashes Gun Owners With Lame Graphic, Backfires When Viewers See 1 Small Detail
President Donald Trump (left), a stock image of a gun sale (right) (Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Commons, George Frey/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

With 59 people dead and more than 500 more injured, the left is more than eager to use the Las Vegas massacre to their advantage in an attempt to push their anti-gun agenda since they never let a tragedy go to waste. Seeing how they can’t get their desperate anti-gun legislation through at any other time, they’ve decided to use the dead as props in hopes of pushing their agenda through with the assistance of irrational emotion.

Unfortunately for them, the reason it has failed during all other times – even that of great stress for our nation – is because what they propose merely doesn’t make sense. In fact, USA Today demonstrated how little they actually understand with a little infographic meant to muster up some more outrage and fear to help their cause.

The image shows a semi-automatic rifle in “evil” black with all the potentially “deadly” attachments it’s capable of accommodating in blue. However, it seems that things immediately backfired on the pathetic liberals after they posted the image to Facebook where informed viewers spotted one tiny detail and were quick to point it out.

Stephen Paddock used at least one semi-automatic rifle in Sunday's shooting. Here are some the of the accessories that can be added to an AR-15.

Posted by USA TODAY on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

As can clearly be seen, the graphic says that a 40mm grenade launcher can be used as an accessory for the weapon. Of course, that’s technically true – but you aren’t very likely at all to find your average, law-abiding American civilian owning a rifle with one on them because of gun control legislation already in place.

One major problem with the description is that a grenade launcher is a Class 3 firearm. In order to obtain a grenade launcher, the interested party cannot just buy one at a local gun store. It has to be bought through an FFL dealer, and then the person who purchases the item needs approval by the ATF. [Source: IJ Review]

In the end, this picture was meant to do one thing, and one thing only – instill fear. Basically, what liberals want to do is make guns sound scarier and more deadly than they actually are and make already controlled guns and gun-related accessories sound incredibly easy to obtain. However, there’s no need for the panic they are trying to stir, and the fact that they’re trying to trick people into supporting their cause says a lot more about them than gun owners across the country.

Listen, guns aren’t dangerous. They’re inanimate objects that need the mind of a deranged human being behind them to do any damage. Instead of trying to ban guns, maybe the left should be trying to understand the types of people who are able to commit violent crime because, whether they like it or not, it’s not the guns that are killing people.

We’re still seeing mass murders take place where guns have been banned. Take China for example, where there are several instances where over 20 people have been killed in machete attacks, like the railway attack where 29 died.

Even in New York, pencil pushers tried to ban “deadly” accessories on the AR-15 but soon found out that it doesn’t help anything. In fact, a man burst into a hospital and started shooting, using a “New York SAFE Act” (Albany’s pathetic attempt at gun control) compliant weapon, even though politicians assured that everyone would be “safer” because of their ineffective law.

They lied when they said that, and they’re lying again now. Democrats may say they’re looking out for our best interests, but really, all they’re doing is trying to force through old and tired policy that hasn’t come to fruition despite their best efforts. Those looking to kill will always find a way. Quit blaming guns for the actions of evil men.

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