Utah Drug Addict Breaks Into Family’s Home, Victim Delivers Instant Brutal Justice

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A drug-addicted woman in Utah recently made the horrific mistake of breaking into a family’s home as they slept. Now, the story has gone viral after a victim delivered instant brutal justice.

Screenshot from live video at the scene of the shooting (background), Makayla Yeaman (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/DB, Facebook/Makayla Yeaman)

In West Jordan, Utah, 23-year-old Makayla Yeaman recently figured out just how dangerous it can be to break into a random stranger’s home. Like many other home invasion stories to come out in the last week, the intruder was not welcome. But, unlike many of the other cases, the homeowner in this story wasn’t about to become a statistic.

According to local news source Fox8, the home invasion took place on Friday, June 8, 2018, at approximately 5:30 a.m. Police said that Yeaman broke into the family’s residence through the garage moments before the 26-year-old father in the home went to investigate the disturbance. At the time of the break-in, the man’s 25-year-old wife, their child, and a 58-year-old grandmother were all sleeping in the home. Little did the intruder know that her life was about to take an unexpected and horrific turn.

According to police, the father in the home was armed at the time that he confronted Yeaman, and a verbal altercation took place. To protect his life and the lives of his three other family members, the homeowner shot and killed Yeaman. While many people would scrutinize the homeowner for taking the life of the drug addict in his garage, the bottom line in this situation is that the father had every right to protect himself and his home.

When officers from the West Jordan Police Department arrived, they found Yeaman lying dead on the floor and the family of the home unhurt. Yeaman’s decision to commit crimes had finally caught up to her, and this break-in resulted in her death and the devastation of her family.

According to local news source KSTU, LeeAnn Yeaman, the dead suspect’s mother, spoke with to the news station about her utter shock when she learned of her daughter’s death. “I knew she was going to die for like a week,” LeeAnn said. “You’ve got to get some help, Makayla. You’ve got to get some help or you’re going to die!” she told her daughter.

Because of Makayla’s bad life choices, her mother and family have been left to grieve over their loss, and the innocent family she tried to victimize was left traumatized. “None of it makes sense,” LeeAnn said. Makayla could have chosen a different path, but stealing to support her drug habit was more important to her than getting clean and earning her way through life.

In a statement to KSTU, Officer Scott List with the West Jordan Police Department said, “A citizen of Utah has a right to protect their property, so certainly going to look into that, especially when it’s your home.” When an intruder enters your home, they should be worried about the possibility of dying as a result of a confrontation with a fed-up homeowner.

LeeAnn described her initial reaction when she learned of her daughter’s death. “I fell to the floor in total shock: Screaming,” she said. Then, denial set in and LeeAnn did not want to acknowledge that her daughter had been killed. “You’re lying, that’s not my daughter,” she said, remembering what was going through her mind when the police told her that her daughter had been killed.

According to court documents, Makayla had been arrested and sent to jail for previously committed crimes including theft, trespassing, assault and illegal drug use. “It’s not excusable, it’s wrong,” LeeAnn said of her daughter. “She was in the wrong… and she was definitely at the wrong place at the wrong time, but she didn’t deserve to die,” she added. LeeAnn attempted to draw comfort from the good memories she had of Makayla as any parent would.

The truth of the matter is that Makayla is solely responsible for her death. While her family may feel the pain of such great loss and the mainstream media may vilify the gun-owner, there is simply no one to blame except her.

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