Utah Man Arrested For Hammering An Ice Pick Through His Roommate’s Genitals

A Utah man was arrested for handcuffing his roommate to a chair and then hammering an icepick through his genitals. This wasn’t some kinky sex play type of thing. It was the end result of an argument between the two amateur philosophers. The story only gets more bizarre from there.

Jason Dee Maughn (Photo Credit: SLC PD)

Fox 13 reports that Jason Dee Maughn got into an argument with his roommate at a home they shared in Taylorsville, Utah. It’s not clear if these men were lovers or just friends, but that’s hardly the most important thing about this story. In order to settle this argument in the most civilized way possible, Maughn grabbed a shotgun and stuck it in his roommate’s face.

Maughn gave his roommate an ultimatum, either he could die or have his genitals punctured.

Maughn then told the victim he could, “either be taken to the desert to be killed or Maughn could drive a nail into [victim’s] penis,” the document states.

That’s a tough choice that none of us would like to make, but put on the spot, the roommate chose genital mutilation. Oh, and there was one more condition: Maughn told the roommate he wasn’t allowed to squirm or fight back while getting a sharp object hammered through his genitals. It takes a lot of balls to take an ice pick through the penis without completely losing it.

At shotgun-point, Maughn forced the roommate to sit and handcuffed him to a chair. He then placed a board underneath the roommate and grabbed a “rusty hammer” and a tool the new report said resembles an icepick. With that, Maughn pounded the sharp tool through his roommate’s penis. Since Maughn didn’t shoot the roommate, presumably he took it like a champ.

This is already a crazy story, but here’s the most insane part about it:

Maughn then released the man, who sought medical attention the next morning.

What? The roommate didn’t seek immediate medical attention, but rather waited until the next morning? Did he think he could sleep off a hole through his penis?

Maybe the roommate is kind of a lazy guy because he also didn’t get around to filing a police report until 5 days later. This perhaps is what the initial argument was about: the roommate’s laziness. Who likes a roommate who doesn’t pick up after himself?

Actually, this is pretty bonkers too: This incident happened on August 30 but Maughn wasn’t arrested until Monday, December 3. Better late than never.

Maughn was charged with aggravated kidnapping—domestic violence, aggravated sexual assault—domestic violence, mayhem—domestic violence, and aggravated assault—domestic violence.

All of those domestic violence charges indicate that perhaps these two were an item, but clearly that relationship has soured. Then again, there could be another explanation for all of this.

The Deseret News sheds a little light on what this argument was all about. Apparently, Maughn was upset because he thought the roommate assaulted a woman. This story couldn’t be substantiated, but if true, maybe Jason Dee Maughn isn’t such a bad guy after all. He certainly qualifies as a hero to the #MeToo movement and chances are the roommate is going to think twice before he ever assault a woman again.

They say when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Apparently, some of those problems also look like an icepick.

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