9 Things Valedictorian Said More Troubling Than Admitting She’s An Illegal Alien

A Texas valedictorian’s speech is going viral after she announced that she is an illegal immigrant. While she was quick to receive backlash for her immigration status, there were 9 other comments that she made which were much more troubling than simply admitting she’s an illegal alien, and it wasn’t just the fact that she took aim at Donald Trump. The only question is, did you catch them?

During her valedictory speech at McKinney Boyd High School, Larissa Martinez, who will be attending Yale on a full free ride, revealed that she and her family are undocumented Mexican immigrants, shining a light on the 65,000 “undocumented” students graduating high school this year, Fox News Insider reports. While her admission sparked outrage, there were plenty of other things she said that should also have Americans fuming.

“America can be great again without the construction of a wall built on hatred and prejudice,” Martinez said, taking aim at Donald Trump, which sparked heated debate, but a lot of her more disturbing comments have gone largely ignored. However, I’m going to give you a quick recap of the “innocuous” things she said that actually point to huge problems in the message she gave to others.

1. Martinez discussed “not letting any obstacles stop you.”

While she says “obstacles,” what she really means is laws. However, laws should stop you. That’s the point of laws.

2. She discussed “living in the shadow.”

She doesn’t live in the shadows of anything. She goes to public school on the taxpayer’s dime, bumping American citizens out of scholarships. She’s standing in the spotlight, boasting about her crime.

3. She tells us “undocumented immigrants are people too.”

Yes, yes they are. Do you know why? All criminals are people. Animals don’t have laws. Therefore, any criminal is also a person.

4. She claimed, “I owe it to all of you, to be honest.”

However, she didn’t owe it to her classmates, American citizens, or anyone else to follow our laws.

5. She told her peers, “We don’t have to let expectations become our reality.”

Apparently, her definition of “expectations” is much like her definition of “obstacles” because once again, what she’s really referring to are laws.

6.  “I’m proof beating the system is possible,” she boasted.

Well, that speaks for itself, but did she beat the system or cheat it? The answer is obvious.

7. She tells us that illegal immigrants want to become Americans “the right way,” but “they don’t know how.”

Apparently, her stroke of honesty didn’t last long. She previously admits that her application has been in process, so she knew how to do it legally, it just wasn’t going her way fast enough. Now, let’s apply her excuse to any other law or crime. Would that leave people applauding? Would it cause the law to look the other way?

Many states make it incredibly hard, if not impossible, to obtain a concealed carry permit. If a person without a permit used that excuse — “I wanted to do it the right way, but didn’t know how” — all because the laws were too “complicated” or took too long, would the liberal left be applauding? Would the crime be ignored? No. That otherwise law-abiding citizen would be facing serious federal gun charges.

8. “We don’t have to conform to the limitations others put on us,” she tells fellow graduates.

Again, they’re called laws, and yes, you should conform to those limitations. Otherwise, you are a criminal and should have to face the consequences and punishment for your crime, not be applauded for it.

9. “They told me I couldn’t, so I did,” she concluded. 

Yes, she did. She broke the law.

What message is she sending to her peers, which, as very young adults, are very easily influenced? They should break laws if their intentions are pure. Who defines that? Who decides what’s just and what’s not? Isn’t it already defined by our laws? A country without borders and laws is not a country. It’s chaos. It’s anarchy, and it’s what she is encouraging.

If a bank robber takes his loot and gives it to the poor, is his crime any less? What Martinez did is worse because, at this point, all she did was take. She took our tax money that should be used to school American children. She took a scholarship that an American citizen, trying to get into school but can’t afford it, could have used. She is taking a spot at the prestigious Yale University — a spot some American vied for and was denied to make room for this illegal immigrant.

Here’s what’s even worse. If an American citizen did what she did at a high school in Mexico, boasting about taking advantage of the Mexican government and Mexican taxpayers’ money, they would be serving 10 to 20 years in a Mexican prison. Martinez, on the other hand, mocks our government and gets 4 free years at Yale, all at the US taxpayers’ expense, while she encourages others to commit crimes and not let our laws stand in their way.

This is Barack Obama’s entitlement America, and in case anyone didn’t already realize it, they have universities in Mexico and a smart girl like Martinez could have been working to change the laws instead of breaking them. That would be worthy of applause. Spitting in our faces isn’t, and that’s exactly what she’s done regardless of her GPA. She’s smart enough to know better, but she chooses not to do better.

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