Years After He Has Vasectomy, NFL Star’s Wife Makes Shocking Announcement

NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie (left), Cromartie’s wife Terricka announced that she is 25 weeks pregnant on Instagram (right)

Antonio Cromartie is a well-known NFL cornerback, having played 11 seasons of football at the age of 33. However, he may be even better known for fathering 14 children. Having so many, it was understandable when Cromartie decided to undergo a vasectomy a couple years back, but now, his wife has made a shocking announcement.

As fate would have it, Cromartie is going to be a daddy… again. He already has fourteen children, and his wife Terricka just announced on Instagram that she is currently 25 weeks pregnant with the couple’s sixth child together.

“In the up and coming CROMARTIE DRAFT of 2017, with the 6th OverAll Pick,” Terricka captioned the snap, which shows her topless with a handprinted belly. “Will the Cromartie’s Draft a Boy or a Girl. J6 coming soon.”

The couple has yet to announce the sex of the child, and seeing as they would have been able to find out well before the 25-week mark, they may just be keeping it a secret until the birth.

TMZ spoke with sources close to Terricka, who have all confirmed that her post was no joke. She is, in fact, expecting a baby in 15 weeks.

This won’t be the first time the couple has experienced somewhat of an immaculate conception, either. Terricka gave birth to twins back in May 2016 after revealing that her husband had previously undergone a vasectomy. It’s getting difficult to keep track of all Cromartie’s offspring.

It’s believed to be Cromartie’s fourth child after his vasectomy. He and Terricka had twins in 2016 after he got the procedure. That was widely reported as the third and fourth children for the couple, and Terricka Cromartie said she’s pregnant with their sixth child. It’s hard to keep track of all of Cromartie’s children at times. [Source: Yahoo Sports]

At this point, it’s safe to say the vasectomy didn’t work for Antonio Cromartie. Hey, at least he’ll have lots of kids to keep him busy in retirement. A baby is always a blessing, and we wish he and Terricka the best of luck with their impending arrival.

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