Vermont Students Horrified By Racist Display High School Agreed To Hang For All To See

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A shocking series of events took place in Vermont after a local high school announced that something new would be coming to the front of the building. As it turns out, students have been left shocked by the display administrators agreed to hang in the front of the school — and many say it’s downright racist.

Vermont Students Horrified By Racist Display High School Agreed To Hang For All To See
Stock image of students (left), Vermont’s Montpelier High School (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, 2)

Former President Barack Obama really left our country hurting. With the economy in the toilet and race relations at an all-time low, it’s no wonder everyone was at each other’s throats. Sadly, that reality still continues to this day, and it was most recently exposed in Vermont.

February is Black History Month, and it seems that some have decided to take the opportunity to inject toxic politics into what is normally a pretty honorable reflection on African-American history, turning it into something it’s not.

According to NBC 5, Montpelier High School in Montpelier, Vermont, has recently erected a display in front of the school that many people feel is downright racist. In all, students will soon be forced to see and walk past a “Black Lives Matter” flag hanging next to the American flag on their way to school. Even worse, it’s set to remain there during the entire month of February.

Of course, there are those who agree with the flag hanging there as the school is touting the usual liberal slogans like “unity” and “equality” — but that’s not the case for everyone as NBC4i reports.

“I just think it’s a bad example for the Montpelier School Board to establish this precedent,” state Rep. Thomas Terenzini said while referring to Black Lives Matter as an anti-police organization. “I don’t see myself as being a bigot or prejudiced, but I just don’t think that Black Lives Matter is a national organization to look up to.”

Rep. Thomas Terenzini is 100% right. There have been millions of people calling for Black Lives Matter to be deemed a domestic terror organization. As the country was forced to endure racial division under by Obama’s reign, BLM not only rose to power but was also responsible for a growth in anti-cop sentiments among the American public.

Now, this same black supremacist organization is being honored by public schools where impressionable children attend. The entire ordeal was brought about by Joelyn Mensah, who created the student group Racial Justice Alliance to fight for equality in education. Her group made the request, and the school obliged, seemingly without hesitation.

“I think it’s very fair to say that we are pretty much robbed of our education,” Mensah said. “As a black student, there have been many times where I have had to leave class because of some racist comments. I feel like raising this flag will show that we are here and we’re here to be heard and we want to be represented in our education.”

Unfortunately for her, she’s really only shown how little she actually knows. For one, she hasn’t been robbed of anything. She’s in school, getting the same education that everyone else is getting. So, what is she looking for in all of this? That’s the real question.

Of course, they say that they just want to get rid of the “bias” that is going around the school, but we have yet to hear of any real examples of it, just like we have yet to hear what they would like the result of such a demonstration to be.

The truth is, she wants something more than what all the white boys and girls attending the school get. After all, could you imagine if a group of white students requested for a white pride flag to be hung for a month while we celebrated White History? My guess is, those students would be expelled.

These kids can claim “racism” and “bias” all they want, but with no examples and no proof, they only hurt their so-called cause, looking like the boy/girl who cried wolf. The school is doing them a real disservice. When they get out into the real world, their demands based on their alternate reality that they created in their minds aren’t going to be so readily met.