Veteran Furious Over What He Saw Hanging At PA School, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Veteran Furious Over What He Saw Hanging At PA School, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands
James Jackson (left), Scott Middle School (right) (Photo credit: Screengrab/FoxNews Insider, Google Street View)

An Army veteran was driving by the local middle school in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, when something caught his eye. In fact, when he took a closer look, he was left furious to see something so disrespectful hanging out front of the school that he immediately decided to take matters into his own hands.

Army veteran James Jackson was driving past Scott Middle School when he noticed something unusual. Just to be sure that he was seeing it correctly, he took a closer look and was immediately infuriated by what he saw. Sadly, the school was flying the American flag upside-down.

According to Fox News Insider, the “deeply offended” veteran recalled, “It hurt me as a veteran seeing the flag upside down knowing that means the state of distress.” He continued, “People are just doing whatever they want, and they don’t find nothing sacred anymore.”

When the American flag is flying upside down, it is a mark of protest and is only to be flown like this during times of “extreme danger to life or property.” Although certain groups on the left of the political spectrum are causing destruction and chaos across our nation, there is no reason a school should have a flag flying upside-down.

Veteran Furious Over What He Saw Hanging At PA School, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands
The upside down flag (Photo credit: Screengrab/FoxNews Insider)

Taking matters into his own hands, Jackson decided to snap a few photos of what he saw. In addition, he contacted his local news agency, which immediately called the school. The school claims that they hadn’t noticed the “distress” flag until they were informed by the news outlet. They believe someone “broke into the flags lockbox over the weekend.” According to Fox 29, the school is currently investigating the incident. Police have been contacted as well and are seeking to find the culprits.

Although the left would like us all to believe that the nation is in distress since Donald Trump was elected as our president, it’s simply not true. The reality of the matter is that some people believe that their opinions matter more than anyone else’s, and those same people are willing to cause harm as they attempt to silence the opposition. Although they have the right to express their opinions, so does everyone else. If they are feeling any “distress” in America, they need to look in the mirror because they are causing it.

Thankfully, we have badass veterans like Jackson, who isn’t afraid to stand up for our country and bring attention to the absurdities and disrespect he sees. Although our history proves that our nation has been through turmoil many times, there’s one thing that always happens – we overcome our issues and we prevail.

So, regardless of how chaotic it may seem right now, there is always hope in the fact that our history has repeatedly proven that good triumphs over evil when we have patriots willing to fight for what’s right. Although we may have hate seemingly consuming our nation, we will overcome this evil and our country will be able to heal and restore itself after all the violence it has recently endured.

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