Veteran Has Unexpected Response For Disrespectful Thugs Who Burnt His Flag

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Veteran Has Unexpected Response For Disrespectful Thugs Who Burnt His Flag
Brian Ellison (left), the burnt flag (right)

A Marine veteran from Ahwatukee, Arizona was left stunned when he realized that his American flag had been burnt by some disrespectful thugs in his neighborhood. However, no one could have expected how he was going to respond to the sick act.

Former Marine Brian Ellison was inside his vehicle, getting ready to leave his house when he spotted something unusual in his rear view mirror. He quickly got out and discovered that the American Flag that he had flying above his driveway was on the ground and had been burnt. He quickly went inside to grab his wife Lisa to show her what some disrespectful thugs in the neighborhood had done.

The fact that someone had enough gall to go onto private property and then remove, rip, and burn a veteran’s flag speaks volumes about the state of our country. The American flag represents a lot, but when someone desecrates a veteran’s flag, it becomes personal. “The flag means everything to me,” said Brian, according to Daily Mail. “When you say your oath in front of that flag and when we lose a service member or a veteran dies we put it on their casket.”

However, being the honorable man that he is, Brian came up with the perfect response to the thugs who dared to touch his flag – he simply put up a new one — but it’s his reason for reacting the way he did that’s standing out. “There’s two big pieces that you feel when you see something like that,” the veteran said, according to KPNX. “You’re sad, and you’re mad. There’s not a lot that you can do about either one of them. So I came home and put another flag up.”

Veteran Has Unexpected Response For Disrespectful Thugs Who Burnt His Flag
Brian Ellison and his wife Lisa at a Marine Ball when they were younger (Image Source: Daily Mail)

It’s a shame that people in our country are using the American flag as a way to protest. The fact that certain people sit down for the national anthem or choose to burn flags is only a reflection of how selfish and idiotic they are. However, when you think it’s your right to take a flag off of someone’s property, much less a veteran’s, and choose to burn it – you’re not only misguided and disrespectful, you’re a disgusting criminal.

Brian filed a report with the Phoenix Police Department, hoping to catch these flag-burning idiots. However, since no one in the neighborhood has security cameras unless someone comes forward with information, they will get away with their crime. Still, this only makes Brian’s response all the better. For all their criminal efforts, what did these thugs achieve? Not a damn thing. The American Flag is flying high above his driveway once again.

If you want to express your opinion, fine, do it. After all, it’s your right. However, don’t steal from someone and spit in the faces of the same people who fought and served in order for you to enjoy your freedom to be a jerk. Not only does it make you look dumb, but it’s a disgrace to our entire country. We’re all Americans, and if you have a problem with it, perhaps you should go live somewhere else.