Veteran Overwhelmed By Trump’s Off The Record Moment, Media Rips It Apart

Donald Trump shocked everyone at a press conference from his new digs at Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. In an off the record moment, Trump placed the conference on hold as a military veteran and 9/11 survivor asked a question he couldn’t refuse. A reporter immediately jumped on the moment, realizing he just witnessed a glimpse of Trump few rarely see, and the mainstream media is already in spin mode, trying to discredit everyone involved.

Trump Gives Vet 9 11 Survivor Job During Presser - YouTube
Alicia Watkins (left) Donald Trump (right)

Donald Trump put his press conference on hold when a military veteran and 9/11 survivor asked him a question about jobs at the new Trump Towers. The military veteran, a young woman named Alicia Watkins, identified herself as an Iraq and Afghanistan War veteran.

“I love the policy that you have for the military,” the woman said when called on to ask a question of the billionaire businessman. “I wanted to know if Trump towers would be part of the veterans job –”

“What type of position are you looking for? Come up here. Come here,” Trump told the woman.

“Do you mind if I do a job interview right now? We need good people,” Trump said to the crowd that was gathered at his soon-to-be luxury hotel in Washington, D.C., just steps from the White House. — via The Blaze

Liberals are freaking out at this Trump moment. They believe it is all fake and Trump orchestrated the Watkins moment. The woman did have press credentials. She applied as a reporter for a military blog, or at least that is what CNN Money is saying.

The liberal press is also upset over Watkins appearing a few years ago on the Oprah Show when she was a homeless veteran. After the show, it’s reported that Watkins moved in with a family friend and got her life together. She suffers from PTSD and has a spinal injury. She utilized the GI Bill, which paid for her education at Harvard.

How stupid does the liberal media think Trump is? Why would the GOP front-runner spend time engineering a fake moment, one that can easily be followed up on? Press credentials are not too hard to get, and they are given out to bloggers all the time.

Sadly, anything Donald Trump does that makes him out as a decent human being is now trampled on by the liberal media. Trump sure didn’t seem scripted, and the fact that this woman pulled her life together after going through hell is something we should celebrate.

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