Veterans Group Submits Super Bowl Ad, Americans Pissed To Learn Why NFL Rejected It

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Even with all of the controversy seen this football season, many people are still eager to see the upcoming Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. Even non-football fans often watch the big game for the commercials to see the unique advertisements companies come up with. Unfortunately, there’s going to be one less ad in their program books after the NFL rejected it, and Americans were pissed when they learned why.

Veterans Group Submits Super Bowl Ad, Americans Pissed To Learn Why NFL Rejected It
The ad (left), stock image of an angry football fan (right) Photo Credit: AmVets Via Biz Pac Review, Screengrab/YouTube)

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots will be going head to head to determine who will be this year’s National Football League Super Bowl champions, and football fans are anxiously waiting for the date to arrive. In addition, many other people are anticipating the popular Super Bowl commercials, eager to see some unique advertisements during the big event.

However, after American Veterans (AmVets), a nonpartisan group launched by World War II veterans, submitted their super bowl advertisement for the program books and were rejected, Americans were furious to learn the simple reason why.

In the ad, there are a few soldiers with one proudly holding the American flag, accompanied by the phrase “please stand,” according to Biz Pac Review. However, the Super Bowl ad was rejected by the league because they believe it was too “controversial.”

Furious, the American Veterans wrote a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and they made a few solid arguments. First, they pointed out the fact that other sports leagues had no problem running the same ad, calling the NFL’s rejection “inexcusable.”

Veterans Group Submits Super Bowl Ad, Americans Pissed To Learn Why NFL Rejected It
The AmVet’s Ad (Photo Credit: AmVets Via Biz Pac Review)

“The fact that the commissioners of the National Basketball League and the National Hockey League have allowed the same ‘PleaseStand’ ad to run in their respective program books only makes the NFL’s decision to reject the ad that much more inexcusable,” the AmVets wrote.

“Freedom of speech works both ways. We respect the rights of those who choose to protest, as these rights are precisely what our members have fought — and in many cases died — for. But imposing corporate censorship to deny that same right to those veterans who have secured it for us all is reprehensible and totally beyond the pale,” the group added.

This incident is just further proof of how radical the left has become. A simple ad that asks Americans to stand for their own National Anthem should never be considered “controversial,” it should be considered patriotic. Unfortunately, we’re living in a world where, if you disrespect the Star-Spangled Banner by sitting it out or kneeling, you’re praised for what you’re doing.

In the AmVets’ letter to the NFL, they also pointed out, “In 2016, Kaepernick hijacked NFL games when he refused to stand for the national anthem. Other players later joined the protest, which has decimated the NFL’s popularity among fans and crushed its TV ratings. Fans disgusted by the injection of leftist propaganda into their leisure time boycotted the league in droves.”

Unsurprisingly, when most Americans heard about the rejected ad, they were once again livid with the NFL, and they didn’t hesitate to speak out against the league for what it was doing. “Anyone of those overpriced diva’s should try being a police officer for a year in the city that they PLAY football,” one social media user said, offering a solution to fix the entitled mentality that seems to be infecting these wealthy athletes.

“That simply PROVES our point. The NFL totally disrespects our country, its flag, its veterans, and its PEOPLE,” another social media user added, while yet another said what the rest of us are thinking, writing, “They’re a disgrace to our country.”

For our liberal friends who might have forgotten what respect for the national anthem looks like, there are a few examples below to jog their memory:

The Super Bowl takes place on February 4 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although there may be an ad missing from the program books, as long as this story is spread, people will know what occurred.

Hopefully, both teams will respect the national anthem and the championship can actually be what it was meant to be — entertainment. That is if moves like this one don’t cause a nationwide boycott. Didn’t the NFL learn already that Americans are tired of them politicizing one of our favorite pastimes? Maybe it’s time to send them the message once again, only louder and clearer. The Super Bowl sounds like the perfect opportunity.