WATCH: Before Sharing Video Of ‘Grisly Stabbed Hand,’ Here’s The 1 Thing You Need To Know

A horrifying video is circulating social media after a woman decided to show off her “grisly stabbed hand” before allegedly getting it taken care of. However, there is one thing you need to know before sharing the video, which is causing viewers to suffer nausea and even panic attacks after seeing the disturbingly graphic clip.

WATCH: Before Sharing Video Of ‘Grisly Stabbed Hand’, Here’s The 1 Thing You Need To Know
Bridgette Trevino (left), an image from a video that she shot (right) (Photo Credit: Facebook, 2)

In all, the video is rather simple – a woman is showing her gruesome hand to the camera as someone else records. The disgusting sight has captivated tens of thousands of viewers as it shows what appears to be a very graphic wound.

As can be seen in the video that has since been shared to YouTube, it appears that the woman in the clip had harmed herself by stabbing her hand and arm several times. As a result, several holes, which are presumably puncture-wounds, are seen all over, many of which still have blood seeping out of them.

Of course, such a shocking display quickly went viral as stunned viewers were left nauseated and even suffering panic attacks. Despite the clip being reported to Facebook, though, it still remains up – and there’s actually a very good reason as Lad Bible explains.

You see, there’s just one thing you need to know about the clip before you share it, and it’s the simple fact that it’s not real. Come to find out, the video was made by special effects makeup artist Bridgette Trevino who lives in Texas, as Story Trender reports.

Those hoping that she stops posting such “graphic” content may want to stay away from her pages because the results of this clip have only made her want to put out more since so many people thought her work was real.  “I’ve had a lot of reactions, some good and some bad,” she explained. “People have gone as far as reporting my work and have sent me messages of concern to check I hadn’t seriously hurt myself.”

Bridgette is rather happy with the exposure, and who wouldn’t be? I mean, if your makeup skills are so good that people think that your work is an actual graphic injury, well, isn’t that exactly what you want? Beyond that, the viral video has not only been a boost to her ambition but it has given her attention that could possibly further her career, doing what she loves.

Although she posted the video a little while back, she’s most recently been forced to come forward on account of the fuss. In all, she just wants people to know that it’s fake, adding, “I’ve even had threats to try to make me take down the video and pictures.”

“I understand that trypophobia (the irrational fear of clusters, bumps, or holes) is a real thing, although only a small population actually has this,” Bridgette continued. “A lot of people have claimed to have had panic attacks because of my work. I sympathize, but it also only encourages me more. If it’s not scary or doesn’t get that response, I’m not doing my job properly.”

Of course, the second everyone knows that it’s fake is the second they all tend to calm down and, in the end, realize that this woman has some serious talent to be admired. There are always people out there willing to peddle crap without knowing the facts behind it mainly because they’re too lazy to investigate for themselves, but in this case, the truth makes it even more spectacular.

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