Violent Thug Beats Man With Shovel, One Thing About Victim Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

After seeing a construction crew working on the side of the street, a Louisiana thug decided to go over and have a little fun. As it turns out, the man would arm himself with a shovel before viciously beating one of the workers with it – and there’s just one thing about the victim that the mainstream media is sure not to tell you.

Violent Thug Beats Man With Shovel, One Thing About Victim Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You
Derryon Houston (left), a stock image of road workers (right) (Photo Credit: Shreveport Police, U.S. Dept. of Transportation/Wikimedia Commons)

The Shreveport News reports that it all began as 25-year-old Derryon Houston was walking down the street at about 2 in the morning when he saw a few construction workers, taking advantage of the lighter traffic at night as they worked to repair the road. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to sit well with the wandering punk.

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For some reason, Houston got it into his head to go over and harass the employees as they tried to continue with their work. At first, it started with small taunts, but the workers merely ignored the man and kept doing their job, fixing the road.

However, that seemed to make Houston even more upset as he wasn’t getting the attention he clearly wanted. Rather than walk away, he decided to step up his game and started hurling racial slurs at the men and even went as far as to physically threaten them – but he wouldn’t stop there.

You see, the reason you haven’t heard about this vicious crime from the mainstream media is because Houston’s victims were white. Even worse yet, it seems that he specifically started to attack the men because of the color of their skin. In short, he’s a racist.

Despite this being a shocking hate crime, networks like CNN and MSNBC are mum on the topic since it doesn’t fit their narrative. Come to find out, it’s the “wrong” hate crime as it would actually hurt their narrative about the “evil white man” if they were to report on it. Sadly, this story that the media wants to virtually ignore went beyond a race-motivated verbal assault.

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As the employees kept ignoring him, Houston decided that he was going to get a response one way or another. When the verbal abuse didn’t work, he switched it up and thought it best to see how a physical attack did instead. Without warning, Houston picked up a ball of dirt and hurled it at one of the worker’s heads – but he wasn’t done there. As the man recovered from the object bouncing off his helmet, the rapidly approaching thug grabbed a shovel.

As the construction worker turned to see who had thrown the ball of dirt, he was shocked as Houston smacked him across the face with the shovel. Of course, the man went down, but the thug apparently wasn’t done as he continued to bash the employee on the head.

The victim’s co-workers quickly came to the injured man’s aid and eventually wrestled the shovel away from Houston, but they were unable to apprehend him. The police were quickly called and the victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The injured worker, who was knocked out cold in the shovel assault, was taken to the hospital with severe head injuries. He also suffered a ruptured sinus cavity, which pretty much means his face was caved in. Luckily he is expected to survive. [Source: DownTrend]

Too bad for the thug, he may have thought he got away at first, but the idiot apparently left something at the scene that helped police identify him. Officers soon arrested Houston on charges of 2nd Degree Battery, Hate Crimes, and Resisting an Officer. In the end, people have been left wondering why this guy isn’t facing an attempted murder charge as well on account of the severity of the attack.

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This guy picked up a weapon, knowing full well that it would deal out more damage than his fists, and began to repeatedly beat a man over the head simply because he was white. The left is right when they say that there has been a spike in “racist hate crimes” since President Donald Trump’s election – but it’s not coming from Trump’s supporters. It’s time these idiots look in their own backyard and begin to hold themselves responsible for the violence they’re essentially enabling.