Details Emerge About 13-Year-Old Virgin Victim Of 7 Syrian Refugee Rapists

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The report from Russia Insider describes a horrific incident in which a thirteen-year-old Russian girl who lives in Berlin was accosted by a group of Arab invaders. Apparently, the identity of young victims – in particular those who have been raped – isn’t protected in the Russian media, so her name is provided, a fact that gives even more credibility to the story.

The reporter details how the victim, a young Jewish girl of thirteen years name Liza, headed out for her morning walk to school and never made it. Instead, she was kidnapped by a gang of Islamists, held in captivity and repeatedly gang raped.

The incident took place in Marzhan, a district with a significant Russian population. Many of their schools are in locations near where the invaders live or school children must pass by them on their route.

In a video clip said to have been released by the hacktivist group anonymous, the alleged or suspected perpetrator is seen gloating over the rape of a girl by a group of seven of the Arab pigs. He describes with pride the rape, having spit on the young girl, and that she was a virgin at the time of the rape.

While rape may not be something that Angela Merkel is concerned with personally, she is the single individual most responsible for the societal degradation and the existence in what used to be civil German society of these animals.

While Merkel concerns herself with damage control and continuing the caliphate creation in Germany, others face real life tragedies as the result of her reckless, anti-German actions. It’s past time for answers. These parents and family members don’t seem to be in the mood for waiting.