Photo Surfaces Of Vogue Writer Who Bashed Melania’s Shoes, Viewers Disgusted By 1 Detail

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Liberals could not get to their keyboards fast enough yesterday to criticize our First Lady’s shoe choice while she was stepping into Air Force One with President Donald Trump on their way to aid Texas. Liberals will take any opportunity that they can get to attack our first family, but a writer for Vogue magazine took it a step further. However, it’s coming back to bite her as she is leaving viewers disgusted after noticing one huge detail in photos that have recently surfaced of her.

Melania Trump steps into Air Force One in heels on her way to Texas (left), Vogue magazine writer Lynn Yaeger (right) dedicated an entire piece to criticizing Melania’s shoe choice. (Photo credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images)

On her way to Texas, Melania stepped out in a beautiful pair of black snake skin stilettos. Of course, instead of focusing on the disaster taking place, liberals could only focus on the shoes. Most would recognize Melania Trump as a style icon with grace and elegance, but one liberal “style enthusiast” funneled her disapproval of Melania’s shoe choice in a whole other hypocritical way.

Vogue writer, Lynn Yaeger, wrote a blistering article while hovering over her keyboard, attempting to unleash liberal demons on Melania Trump, but there was just one small problem. Lynn Yaeger herself looks like a pale faced, immortal creature out of a horror film, all while trying to preach her disapproval of other people’s fashion choices. Simply put, who takes fashion advice from this:

Lynn Yaeger, writer for Vogue (Photo source: Screengrab/YouTube)

The gargantuan cyber-bully wrote:

This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at La Grenouille.

While the nation is riveted by images of thousands of Texans wading with their possessions, their pets, their kids, in chest-high water, desperately seeking refuge; while a government official recommend that those who insist on sheltering in place write their names and social security numbers on their arms, Melania Trump is heading to visit them in footwear that is a challenge to walk in on dry land. [Source: Vogue]

Melania Trump was photographed stepping off the plane in Texas in white sneakers, appropriate for the situation, but Lynn Yaeger, in her firecracker red wig with black Mulan shaped lipstick, ignored that part, choosing to only address what she could criticize while ignoring facts that don’t fit her narrative, in classic liberal fashion.

“But what kind of message does a fly-in visit from the First Lady in sky-high stilettos send to those suffering the enormous hardship, the devastation of this natural disaster?” Yaeger questioned, as Milo reported. We are thinking someone should remind this miserable woman that people who are truly in need don’t care what shoes you wear while you are giving them a helping hand.

If liberals spent even a quarter of the time that they use to criticize the First Family to instead educate themselves on real politics, maybe people would take them slightly more seriously. This fire-breathing dragon lady having a high paying job in the fashion business is shocking enough, but the fact she wants to have an opinion on a fashion icon is beyond comical.

Until she can show what shoes she’s wearing while providing help, I really don’t think she has any right to comment on someone who’s braving the elements to lend a hand as she sits comfortably at her computer screen. Go back to the Tim Burton film you came from, Lynn Yaeger.