‘VP Candidate’ Gets Run Out Of Florida Voting Site: ‘That’s Not Kamala Harris!’

There were strange happenings at a Florida voting site after a black limousine pulled up and what appeared to be Kamala Harris got out. Immediately, someone started screaming: “That’s not Kamala Harris!” That’s all it took for the alleged VP candidate to flee. You don’t want to miss this video.

Pictures of so-called Kamala Harris campaigning in Palm Beach on Sunday (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Body doubles for celebrities and heads of state are not uncommon. Back in 2016, there were unconfirmed reports of  Hillary Clinton using a body double after she collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony. Now in 2020, the Biden campaign is staring into the abyss of a huge deficit in the battleground state of Florida.

That’s when a black limo pulled up at a smallish voting site where typically we see more black and Hispanic voters turning out. This appearance was not on the schedule for Sunday.

In fact, Harris was caught on a few campaign stops on Saturday in Miami:

There were no official stops for Kamala Harris on Sunday. However, she appeared to show up at this voter site in Palm Beach at the same time as GOP candidate Laura Loomer on Sunday. This is President Donald Trump’s home district.

That’s when all the mayhem started. 

What looked like Kamala Harris jumped out of the black limo and proceeded to join two voters to pose for a few pictures. Harris was wearing a mask but her forehead and eyes were visible. It sure did not look like the real Kamala Harris, and that’s when you can hear Laura Loomer shout: “That’s not Kamala Harris!”

“It doesn’t even look like her,” Loomer added as the Harris person started to pose for pics. “That’s not Kamala Harris… That’s not Kamala Harris. It looks nothing like her.”

That’s when the Harris person got nervous and fled the scene. She wasn’t even there for five minutes. As the Harris person and two security personnel fled the scene, Loomer added: “Very deceptive to the voters to bring body doubles out.”

Many people commented on the so-called Secret Service with this Kamala Harris.

They did not look like real Secret Service agents, nor did they act like it. The agents we see surrounding President Trump and the Biden campaign are usually in a group. First, they go ahead and check out the premises. Also, agents aren’t typically over-weight.

At this Florida voter site, there were only two so-called Secret Service agents, and both looked very over-weight and somewhat disheveled. One Facebook user found this strange post asking for one male or female agent/actor to “flank me as Kamala” in Palm Beach:

Facebook post

This Facebook post appears to be backed up by another video showing the black stretch limo used by this “Kamala Harris” in Palm Beach on Sunday.

Why would the Biden campaign allegedly send out a body double?

Florida is a key battleground state with 29 Electoral Votes. We cannot be certain this was a body double, but based upon how those two Secret Service agents looked like and how they acted, we are pretty certain they are not real agents.

The Biden campaign refuses to comment on this episode. They also do not have Palm Beach on any schedule for Sunday we could find. Insiders say the Biden campaign has all but given up on winning Florida.

The GOP took a commanding lead in early voting in Florida. In fact, it got so bad even the heavily Democrat county of Miami-Dade was “bleeding” to the GOP, according to an article by Politico. 

“[Democrat] Party officials in Florida’s most populous county are sweating weak early voting turnout among several key groups,” they report. “Democrats are sounding the alarm about weak voter turnout rates in Florida’s biggest county, Miami-Dade, where a strong Republican showing is endangering Joe Biden’s chances in the nation’s biggest swing state.”

To date, Republicans have turned out 59 percent of their voters in Miami-Dade and Democrats have turned out 53 percent, a 6-point margin. That’s twice the margin Republicans had at this point in 2016.

Among Hispanic voters, who make up nearly 70 percent of the county’s population, the deficit is even bigger — 9 points.

The panic by Democrats over Florida could be why they allegedly deployed a body double to Palm Beach. Now, all eyes turn to Pennslyvania where pollsters are hoping and praying the Biden campaign can pull out a victory to off-set losing Florida’s 29 Electoral Votes.

Pennslyvania carries 20 Electoral Votes. Trump is going to take Ohio (18 EV’s) and Florida, so the Democrats badly need Pennslyvania which Joe Biden claims is his home-state. It’s shaping up to be a Trump landslide, and no amount of body doubles will change that in 2020.

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