OUTRAGE After Waffle House Employees Pic Gets Out, Frying More Than Food

OUTRAGE After Waffle House Employees Pic Gets Out, Frying More Than Food
Waffle House Stock Photo (left), Screen grab from video of what the restaurant employees were doing (right)

Two men eating at an Arkansas Waffle House noticed something amiss about their meal. As they looked up and saw what two women were doing in the kitchen, they immediately snapped a photo, disgusted by the things they were doing to each other in the food preparation area. Justifiable rage ensued when the video of the incident hit the Internet.

Antonio Robinson told WREG that he and another man were eating at the Forrest City restaurant when his friend began coughing to get his attention. That’s when Robinson looked at him as he began pulling long strands of hair out of his mouth. Disgusted by the amount of hair in their food, the customers glanced toward the kitchen to try to get an employee’s attention, when they saw exactly why there was so much human hair in their meals.

Two female coworkers had turned the kitchen into their personal weave salon, dipping their nappy tresses into pots on the stove top, with other people’s food nearby. “She dipped her hair down in the pot and when it came back up she was drying it off with one of the towels,” Robinson told the news station. “I see people do that in their houses and things like that but for a restaurant, I don’t know.”

Waffle House workers caught doing hair in kitchen

WAFFLES AND WEAVES | Video captures two Waffle House employees in Forrest City, Arkansas doing hair in the kitchen. Working on this story for WREG News Channel 3 at 5.

Posted by Michael Quander WREG on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The county health inspector soon caught wind of the extremely unsanitary actions and launched a full investigation into the matter. Anytime a hair is found in a commercial kitchen, it is a health code violation, let alone dipping long dreadlocks into pots as these unnamed employees were doing. The manager of the restaurant has since fired the women after the outrage.

Robinson hopes that these workers have learned a lesson. “People can learn from this and be cleaner everywhere and keep people from getting sick,” he said.

This leaves one to wonder that if these women were caught dipping and styling their hair this once, how many times before have they done this, and what other unsanitary actions have they been involved in. Hopefully their termination taught them that a little common sense and cleanliness goes a long way, but something tells me that they probably blame someone else for losing their jobs and expect to get paid $15 per hour at their next food industry position.