Waitress Refused To Serve Trump Supporters, Gets Nasty Surprise Next Day

A waitress at a restaurant and bar in Grand Forks, North Dakota, took things too far when a group of men entered the restaurant. After she discovered that they were all supporters of President Donald Trump, the woman immediately refused to serve the group, but the liberal waitress got what she deserved when her rash decision resulted in one nasty surprise the next day.

Server Who Refused To Serve Trump Supporters Gets Nasty Surprise Next Day
Brick and Barley Bar and Restaurant (left), Lucas Mondry (right)

Lucas Mondry had gone to the Brick and Barley Bar and Restaurant for some drinks with his friends when their afternoon took an unexpected turn as the waitress approached the table and attempted to make small talk by asking who the patrons had voted for in last year’s election. Unfortunately, the selfish liberal didn’t like the fact that they all responded, “Donald Trump,” so she immediately and unprofessionally refused to serve them.

Mondry, who was utterly shocked by how he and his friends were treated over their political opinion, took to Facebook to share the incident.

“We were asked who we voted for, and because of our response we were denied our drinks,” he recalled in the now-private post, according to Red State Watcher. “I understand people can have their opinions, but I felt this was extremely unprofessional. I respect everyone’s right as a citizen to vote for whomever they choose and I expect the same. Extremely disappointed on how I was treated.”

As soon as the restaurant’s owner, Sarah Horak, heard about the post and what had happened, she immediately drove down to the establishment and took matters into her own hands.

“It was an employee who went rogue and made her own choices, and unfortunately that has consequences,” Horak said, according to MPR News. “It was one of the shortest firing conversations of my career.”

There’s no doubt this selfish and entitled waitress learned a brutal lesson that day; do your job and keep your political opinions to yourself. If you can’t handle the idea that someone else may disagree with you, it’s probably a good idea to keep your mouth shut while you are at work, especially if your pay depends on it.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where entitled liberals think they can say and do whatever they want. Clearly, this waitress didn’t think she would lose her job over refusing to serve a paying customer.

Sarah Horak reminded this brat that if she’s unwilling to do her job by refusing to serve certain people, she doesn’t deserve to keep that job. Life is tough, and sometimes, you have to grow up, shut your mouth, and do your job – or else be prepared to face the consequences, which may include the unemployment line.

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