As Wall Funding Drags On, Illegal Immigrant Suspected In Fatal Police Shooting

With the government shutdown dragging on over the Democrats’ refusal to fund border security, here’s yet another story about why it so important to secure our country against foreign invaders.

Cop-killer suspect (Photo credit: screenshot video stills Modesto Bee)

An illegal immigrant is suspected of killing a police officer in California. This is the type of danger the Democrats are putting all Americans in every day that they continue the shutdown. These are the kinds of things that happen when our elected officials fail to address the very real problem of illegal immigration.

The AP reports that on Wednesday in Newman, California, about 100 miles from San Francisco, Cpl. Ronil Singh with the Newman Police Department attempted to pull over a pick-up truck with no license plates. The stop was reportedly also over a suspected DUI. As Singh approached the vehicle, the driver pulled out a gun and opened fire. Singh returned fire as the truck sped off. Unfortunately, the officer was hit and died of his wounds at the hospital.

Police later found the truck abandoned, but the shooter was gone and remains at large. Police have not named the suspect but have said that he is in this country illegally.

Police released a still from video surveillance at a nearby convenience store that they believe is of the one who shot Cpl. Singh. The suspect is described as a short fat Hispanic man with short black hair.

Ronil Singh was a legal immigrant, having been born in Fiji, and is survived by a wife and infant son. This really couldn’t be more senseless and tragic.

“Our Newman Police family is devastated by the loss of Ronil,” Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson said at a news conference Thursday.

A manhunt is underway to capture this cowardly illegal immigrant cop-killer suspect.

Last week on Fox News Insider, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich looked like Nostradamus predicting this horrific crime:

Gingrich said a partial government shutdown right before Christmas would look bad for both sides and would be a “pain in the neck” for thousands of families. He said Democrats are still “one really disastrous crime away from looking really bad” when it comes to border security.

A police officer being shot to death by an illegal immigrant at Christmas time definitely qualifies as a disastrous crime for the Democrats. The one thing they have going for them is the complicit liberal media which will likely bury this story as deep as they can to avoid embarrassing the Democrats.

“There are problems with people who come into the country illegally. There are people who commit crimes, who come into the U.S. illegally. MS-13 is a threat. I think for the Democrats to decide they don’t want to protect America is a tough position for them to take,” said Gingrich.

You’d think so, but not so much. Democrats try to confuse the issue by portraying anyone who supports border security as a racist. They engage in a concerted disinformation campaign that claims dangerous illegal immigrants somehow make our country stronger and safer.

The open-border/abolish ICE policies of the Democrats enables illegal immigrants to run free in this country, victimizing U.S. citizens. The blood of innocent victims of illegal immigrant violence is on the hands of Democrats. As they continue to shut the government down over a refusal to fund border security, they are literally bathing in innocent blood.

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