Social Media Explodes Over Walmart Sign That Was Mistakenly Placed Above Gun Case

Stock image of Walmart shopper (left), Walmart gun case (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Fox47)

A new Walmart sign, placed over a gun case in one of their Indiana stores, has caused social media to explode in what many are calling one of the retail giant’s biggest blunders ever. Now, damage control is priority number one for Walmart’s public relations team after countless viewers online are screaming over this colossal mistake.

According to The Duluth News Tribune, a Walmart sign which was hung above a glass gun case has the retailer apologizing to thousands of offended viewers who have since seen the photo of the display social media. The sign, which reads, “Own the school year like a hero,” was placed directly over a case of rifles. Don’t get me wrong, I love rifles just as much as the next American patriot, but this sign probably could have been placed in a more appropriate spot in the store, such as next to school supplies or backpacks.

Although it appears that the sign is part of a marketing campaign utilizing superhero-themed displays, many people on social media think Walmart placed the sign above the gun case intentionally to suggest that children should take guns to school.

Charles Crowson, a spokesman for Walmart, told The Washington Post that, although they aren’t yet sure which store put up the controversial display, their operation’s team is working on it. In their quest to identify the store where the sign was displayed, Crowson said they need to identify the origin of the first photo, which he is referring to as “patient zero.” He also said that the configuration of the display suggests that the photo is legitimate. However, Crowson could not confirm whether the sign was placed there by an employee or moved to that location by a shopper.

“What’s seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores. We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened,” he said in a statement. Crowson refused to comment on whether Walmart’s leadership acknowledged the complaint by critics that parallels guns and mass school shootings.

Crowson did say that the management team suspected the photo was not taken at a store in Evansville, Indiana. However, a woman named Leanna May told The Washington Post that she took the original photo. According to May, she was in Evansville on Wednesday morning with her husband when they walked past the sporting goods section in Walmart. This is where May says she spotted the “disgusting” sign.

“We have already lost so many innocent lives to guns,” May said, adding that she saw an immediate connection between school shootings and guns. May also said that she reported the display to store employees but was not able to locate a manager that morning. “People don’t seem to honestly care,” she added.

Plain and simple, if this was done by their employees and not a customer moving the sign as a sick joke, Walmart could have picked a better spot for the sign. It didn’t belong above the gun case. However, until a full investigation is completed and video footage from the store’s surveillance camera can prove a customer didn’t move it there in a twisted prank, let’s hold off on the Walmart boycott.

In turn, the anti-gun nuts, having a total meltdown over the incident involving a piece of cardboard with words on it, need to stop acting as if Walmart facilitated a school shooting — but, that is what liberals do. Let’s all remember one thing going forward, signs don’t kill people, people kill people.

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