Walmart Thief ‘Fake Scans’ Self-Checkout Items, Gets Free Lesson She Won’t Soon Forget

A woman was recently caught on video trying to “fake scan” a bunch of merchandise at the self-checkout in a Walmart store. Now, the wanna-be shoplifter needs to go stick her head in the sand after her attempt to steal ended in a free lesson that she won’t soon forget.

Stock Image of a Walmart (background), Screenshots of the shoplifter (insets) (Photo Credits: ShowMeLocal, YouTube/ViralHog)

There’s a saying about “criminals being stupid,” and one Rhode Island woman has proven just that after she and an accomplice were caught on video pretending to scan several items at the self-checkout in a local Walmart. The video clip of the two degenerates trying to fool the Walmart employees into thinking that they are actually scanning their items would be hilarious if their actions weren’t so disgusting. If there were ever an award for hideously bad acting, these two deserve it.

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A woman and her husband were eating with their son at the Subway located in the Walmart store in Cranston, Rhode Island when they started recording the would-be thieves. According to Crave Online, when the video was uploaded to YouTube, the woman who recorded the clip explained, “We had a little bit of time before getting our son off the bus so we decided to get a sandwich at Subway. As we were eating we saw this woman pretending to scan most of her items and hand them off to her husband who was bagging them and putting them in another carriage.”

She continued, “I decided to record her doing this and we then told a Walmart employee. The Walmart employee stopped them at the door and asked for a receipt. She stated it was a short receipt for so many items in their cart and asked them to follow her to customer service. Customer service returned the few items they paid for and told them to leave.” However, things were far from over.

According to the clip, which was also shared by news station Fox29, the woman can be seen looking up every few seconds with the most obvious expression on her face as she tried not to look like she was committing a crime. Her face literally said, “Is anyone looking because I’m committing a crime?” Every few items, the woman would actually scan one and then hand it to her accomplice, presumed to be her husband, to help the appearance of actually scanning and paying for the merchandise. Her husband is apparently as stupid as his wife to have agreed to carry out the “fake scanning” plan.

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How did it not occur to either of these idiots that their receipt would not nearly be long enough for all of the items they tried to haul out in their overstuffed cart? This really just goes to show that you can’t fix stupid. These people represent the self-entitled lowlife scum in our society who live like parasites. In their minds, it’s ok to steal things that don’t belong to them because they are victims of life. Odds are that this isn’t the first time the two thieves have committed a crime.

It’s hilarious when stupid people get caught doing stupid things. The two would-be shoplifters should have been arrested, but technically, they didn’t leave the store with any stolen merchandise. They simply “played” grocery store clerk and returned the items they didn’t scan to customer service. Still, they did manage to get a free lesson that they won’t soon forget; namely, we are living in the digital age, and their faces are now all over the internet as they are rightfully shamed for their behavior.

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These thieves will likely try again and inevitably be caught and arrested. I think the Walmart staffers should have at least called the police to document these two and identify them. Sadly, they would probably never accomplish any work at their customer service desk if they took the time to call the cops on every loser they caught stealing from their store. At least the couple who recorded them stealing notified store employees this time, and they walked out with only a few items they paid for — as well as a hefty dose of social media humiliation as they become internet famous for their debauchery.

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