GRAPHIC: Wannabe Badass Plays With Gun, Points It At Face… BIG MISTAKE

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After a moron got his hands on a gun, he decided that he’d play around with it a little more than he probably should have before learning basic gun safety. Unfortunately for the wannabe badass, he thought that the best place to point it would be his face – and that’s about the moment he realized how big of a mistake he made.

GRAPHIC: Wannabe Badass Plays With Gun, Points It At Face… BIG MISTAKE
Kasper Knight (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Live Leak)

All caught on video that has since been shared to Live Leak, Kasper Knight, an idiot thug who goes by the stage name Kasper Tha Phantom, apparently got it into his head that he would shoot himself and record the entire thing. He’d quickly shock viewers as he simply pointed the gun at his cheek and pulled the trigger.

As it turns out, the so-called rapper was filming the clip for a music video and decided to whip out his camera while driving around the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana. Clearly planning it out in advance as evidenced by the fact that he was wearing earplugs, the moron successfully fired a solid projectile through his face and managed to live to tell about it – but things would only get worse from there as Mail Online goes on to report.

As can be seen in the graphic clip, the stupid stunt resulted in major trauma to the man’s face as he started bleeding profusely. One can only imagine what other damage the wannabe badass caused inside his mouth. This thug clearly had no right to have his hands on a gun after seeing what he did with it.

Making the video even more bizarre, it appears as though the car he was in at the time was moving when he decided to fire the round. As for the bullet, well, the idiot states that he swallowed it amid the chaos – but that seems very unlikely.

As blood continued to pour out of the man’s mouth, it was made clear just how serious the situation actually was. However, it seems that the guy was off his rocker as he could later be heard saying, “If I die, f*ck it.”

Despite his claims, many viewers of the clip have since expressed their opinion that Kasper may have been using a starter pistol. Even if it was just a blank round in the chamber, the explosion still needs somewhere to vent.

That being said, when this idiot put the firearm against his cheek, there was only one place for the expanding gasses to go – straight through. Of course, Kasper would later hint to this reality when he told reporters that the pain was a 4 out of 10, saying that he’d been shot other times before.

This is why I speak so often about gun safety, and people like Kasper are the exact reason liberals want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, the world is full of morons like this who inevitably give ammunition (no pun intended) to gun grabbers despite the fact that idiots like this do not represent the majority of logical firearm owners. With that being said, be smart and don’t point a gun at your own head.