Warren Announces 2020 Bid, Trump Let’s Her Have Her Moment — Then Destroys Her

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On Monday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren became the first Democrat to throw their hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race. President Donald Trump let her have her moment. Then, he destroyed her in epic fashion.

President Donald Trump and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Photo Credit: Pool/Bloomberg/Getty Images, Edward Kimmel/Flickr)

On New Year’s Eve, Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced her bid for president in 2020. She is the first Democrat to do so thus far.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat and a sharp critic of big banks and unregulated capitalism, entered the 2020 race for president on Monday, becoming the first major candidate in what is likely to be a long and crowded primary marked by ideological and generational divisions in a Democratic Party determined to beat President Trump.

Ms. Warren quickly made plans to campaign this weekend in Iowa, which holds the first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses in February 2020. The senator, who has not traveled to Iowa recently, announced Tuesday that she would visit several of the state’s major cities: Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Storm Lake and Sioux City. [Source: The New York Times]

President Donald Trump allowed Warren to have her moment, but on Wednesday, he found the perfect way to mock her presidential aspirations, tweeting out a hilarious meme making fun of her claim to Native American ancestry.

Warren has faced backlash for misrepresenting her Native American heritage after a DNA test showed that she is between 1/64 and 1/1,024 American Indian, about as much as your average white person.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is touting a DNA test that shows she has, at most, 1/64 Native American ancestry, and possibly as little as 1/1024 — which means she may have no more Native American DNA than the average white American, and less than many other Americans.

Even 1/64 — corresponding to one great-great-great-great grand parent — would not qualify Warren for membership in any Native American tribe, nor justify her claims to Native American identity. [Source: Breitbart]

President Donald Trump has delighted in mocking Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry and welcomed her entry into the 2020 fray during a New Year’s interview with Fox News, saying, “Elizabeth Warren will be the first. She did very badly in proving that she was of Indian heritage.”

“That didn’t work out too well,” added Trump. “I think you have more than she does, and maybe I do too and I have nothing. So, we’ll see how she does, I wish her well, I hope she does well, I’d love to run against her.”

Indeed, Trump could not ask for a better opponent. Beating her will be a cake walk.

Hopefully, Warren has fired whichever two-bit advisor told her that releasing the embarrassing results of her DNA test was a good idea. If she’s going to run for president against the most formidable opponent in political history, she should probably start there.

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