After Senator Warren Claims DNA Test Proves Her Native Ancestry, Gets Nasty Surprise

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Senator Elizabeth Warren was hoping to ignite her 2020 presidential bid with a DNA test. Before the test, Warren claimed her grandfather’s high cheekbones proved she was Native American. Now, Warren just got a nasty surprise she never saw coming. Don’t miss this.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine/Video)

Elizabeth Warren and her brain trust took a calculated risk. Knowing the senator is dying to run for president, they decided to have Warren take a DNA test, hoping the results would back her claim she was an American Indian.

Well, Senator Warren should have never published the results of this private DNA test. Breitbart reports, “According to Warren’s own DNA test, she has, at best, 1/64th Native American ancestry, but it could also be as low as 1/1,024. Percentage-wise, she can claim somewhere between 0.1 percent to 1.56 percent Native lineage.

The minimum requirement to claim membership in most Native American tribes ranges from 1/8 (12.5 percent) to 1/2 (50 percent). A few tribes have a minimum requirement of 1/16 (six percent).

Breitbart reported, “The Boston Globe, a newspaper that has spent years trying to protect Warren on this issue (and has already had to issue a correction on this piece for overstating Warren’s Indian ancestry), broke the details of Warren’s DNA test and analysis Monday morning.”

The article’s author, Annie Linsky, similarly provided cover for Warren’s past in September with a story declaring: “her claim to Native American ethnicity was never considered by the Harvard Law faculty… At every step of her remarkable rise in the legal profession, the people responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman.”

However, Linsky admits, Warren changed her ethnicity from “white” to “Native American” both at University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she taught from 1987 to 1995, and at Harvard Law School, where she had tenure starting in 1995. Does anyone check a box like “Native American” or “African American” if they are only 0.1 % percent of that ancestry? It’s completely nuts and makes a sham of the real Native Americans heritage.

Breitbart added, “Assuming this DNA test is accurate, Warren can still make no claim to membership in a Cherokee tribe. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has a minimum threshold of 1/16 ‘blood quantum,’ and the United Keetowah Band’s threshold is 1/4 blood quantum.”

Thinking the Boston Globe would have her back, Warren plowed ahead and hyped the results. In fact, what Warren has just done is prove she is one big liar, specifically about her grandfather. And as the Boston Globe had to print the truth, that her claim is basically bogus, she must be steaming mad.

Remember, the far leftist senator is on video defending her actions to check the Native American box when she applied to Harvard, based on what her “Aunt Bee” told her years ago.

Warren stated back in 2012, “I still have a picture on my mantle at home, and it’s a picture of my mother’s dad, a picture of my grandfather, and my Aunt Bee has walked by that picture at least a 1000 times, remarked that her father, my Pappa, had high cheekbones, like all of the Indians do, because that’s how she saw it, and your mother got those same great cheekbones, and I didn’t. And she thought this was the bad deal she had gotten in life. Being Native American has been a part of my story, I guess since the day I was born, I don’t know any other way to describe it.”

This video is getting scrubbed from the internet:

Actor James Woods reacted by tweeting, “The actual facts are that a non-commercial tester, Carlos Bustamante, deduced that Warren was between 1/32 to 1/512 Colombian, Peruvian, or Mexican. The dearth of Native American DNA prompted the ‘examiner’ to use these national markers based on migration theory. #SeñoritaWarren”

Twitter user “Tom” corrected James Woods by updating him on the correction made by the Boston Globe, tweeting, “It’s worse than that. The actual fraction is 1/1024 which is 0.001% Native American (rounded up).”

Anyone who has ancestors going back to the 1600’s in America probably has some scant amount Indian blood. And when we say Indian, we mean from Mexico or South America, which means it’s least likely true Native American ancestry.

This is the scam Elizabeth Warren and her handlers are trying to spin. They are hoping the useful idiots will just hear she passed a DNA test and run with that news. Well, they calculated wrong. Senator Warren is getting exposed as a liar about having 1/4 Native American blood.

Now, we find out she has 1/1,024 percent of some type of Indian blood, and that’s just not going to cut it. It seems Pocohantas’ bid for a 2020 presidential run just got smashed by her own family tree, and her infamous nickname isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

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