Warren Vows To Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings If Elected POTUS, Regrets It

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Last night, the first Democratic debate took place in Miami, and it really should open up the eyes of all Americans. Senator Elizabeth Warren joined two other Democrats vowing to “decriminalize” border crossings, which would, in essence, mean no more borders in America. Warren is polling right behind Joe Biden, and she may be the candidate. Well, immediately, she was made to regret this stance. Don’t miss this.

President Donald Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren (Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, YouTube/Screenshot)

Elizabeth Warren has overcome Senator Bernie Sanders in recent polling making the Massachusetts Senator right on the heels of frontrunner Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, which takes her radical leftist stances closer to the Oval Office.

Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, who is also a presidential candidate was the first to call for the decriminalization of migrants who enter the United States at the border without proper documentation.

Warren said that she agrees with Castro, adding in a statement that we “should not be criminalizing mamas and babies trying to flee violence at home or trying to build a better future. We must pass comprehensive immigration reform that is in line with our values, creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants including our DREAMers, and protects our borders.”

The translation: open borders. 

According to Castro and Liz Warren, they want to make illegal border-crossings simply a civil offense. This means crossing our borders will no longer be “illegal” in the criminal sense. You could not detain those crossing the border. The authorities could give them simply a “ticket.”

However, Warren and Castro and now Corey Booker, who also admits he is on board with decriminalizing border crossings, wouldn’t say precisely what the civil penalty should be.

Doesn’t Castro’s plan sound a little like open borders?

“That’s what Donald Trump wants it to sound like. He keeps saying ‘open borders.’ None of us are saying that,” Booker told reporters following the debate. “It used to be, up until very recently, a civil offense, which means you set up civil courts. You put the resources in them that affirm people’s human rights.”

That’s not quite accurate.

Vox’s Dara Lind, who happens to be a far-leftist, calls Castro’s proposal the “most radical immigration idea in the 2020 primary” and points out “illegal entry” has been a crime for nearly a century but was not frequently prosecuted until the last two decades.

Under Castro’s plan, now adopted by Liz Warren and Booker, an immigrant who illegally crossed the border would be released into the U.S. while awaiting a civil trial and possible deportation. This would also incentivize migrants to come to the United States. They would no longer fear arrest.

Democrats try and vilify President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy claiming it leads to family separation.

This is a lie. 

“President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border,” reports McClatchy. “He fast-tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.”

Americans are weighing in on Liz Warren’s new stance of vowing to “decriminalizing” the border, and they definitely aren’t on board.

“Why should the American people pay billions to take care of illegals when our own suffer from being destitute and homeless? & what’s w/idiot warren-decriminalize ‘illegal’ border crossings? why not throw the law out the door-back to wild Wild West-a good way to eliminate crooked Dems!” tweeted Poppy Souleymane.

“Am now convinced that people like Cortez and Warren don’t actually care about people at the border in harsh conditions. Incentivizing border crossing will make conditions WORSE and will lead to more deaths. We are already strained with record crossings,” tweeted Nicolas Long.

“So Elizabeth Warren wants to decriminalize illegal border crossings. That is a friggin joke. She DOES NOT want us to have a COUNTRY,” tweeted George Remaily.

Elizabeth Warren is also vowing to do away with all private healthcare and mandate all Americans go on the government’s Medicare. This is so far-left that it equates to socialism. She also vows to make tuition-free all public colleges in the United States.

Does anyone have any idea how much that would cost the American taxpayer?

According to Forbes, an independent analysis of Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All plan conducted by the left-leaning Urban Institute estimated that it would cost $32 trillion over 10 years. And those are just the financial costs. Socialized medicine’s human costs are even greater. Single-payer systems the world over ration care and force patients to wait for treatment.

No one has any real idea of how much it would cost to fund free college for all. However, the cost to taxpayers would be catastrophic. These 2020 Democratic candidates should scare every American.

We know there are those who support these crazy schemes and will vote for whoever is the Democratic nominee. That’s why we must educate as many Americans as possible to the devastating results to our Republic if President Trump isn’t re-elected. America will be no more if these far-left candidates get their way.

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