Washington Muslim Who Killed 5 In Mall Attack Gets Perfect Prison Ending

Perfect Prison Ending For Washington Muslim Who Killed 5 In Mall Attack
Arcan Cetin

Not much has been said about the murderer who killed five people in a Washington state mall attack, and that’s because the leftist media did everything they could to keep him out of the news. Unfortunately for them and him, that’s no longer the case – and the killer just got the perfect prison ending that couldn’t have been better if we planned it ourselves.

Mad World News previously reported on Arcan Cetin, the Turkish Muslim man who shot and killed 5 at a mall in Burlington. He’s been in jail since, awaiting a mental competency evaluation, but he never got that far. According to NBC King 5, Cetin got the perfect prison ending that many people had hoped for.

Of course, most of America already knew that the Muslim was a coward in the way that he went about his attack – going to a public area where he knew people wouldn’t be armed – and he was seeking to get off the hook by claiming that he was insane. However, that wasn’t the end of the Islamist punk’s cowardice as he most recently killed himself in his jail cell.

As Rosemary Kaholokula, chief criminal deputy prosecutor for Skagit County, would later explain, Cetin was found hanging and unresponsive. Even better yet, resuscitation efforts to revive the prisoner failed.

Currently, the case is under investigation with the assumption that Cetin killed himself. However, there is a small possibility that the Muslim man was killed by a fellow inmate. Either way, the Islamic killer is no more and people couldn’t be happier for several reasons.

Many people felt as though his last act of cowardice really said a lot about the man and that he should have been forced to spend the rest of his life in prison for the sake of justice – but that’s not the case for everyone. After all, this murderer won’t be leeching off taxpayers for the rest of life, essentially meaning that he did the world a favor by executing his own death sentence.

Of course, you won’t be hearing this from the mainstream media anytime soon, considering it goes against their whole “Muslims aren’t bad” narrative. For those who don’t remember, Cetin is the killer who the leftist media tried to play off as “Hispanic.”

Unfortunately for them, they were later forced to withdraw their comments and admit that he was, in fact, a Muslim immigrant from Turkey. Despite the fact that he got exactly what he deserved, and no one could possibly defend what he did, the leftist propaganda networks still remain hush-hush on the matter, rather than inform the public and force the world to acknowledge the very real threat that Islam poses to us all. After all, Cetin was merely following the words of the Quran that command followers to kill the infidel “wherever they find them.”

Ignoring the fact that Islam’s ultimate goal is a worldwide Islamic caliphate, where no other religion remains but Islam, doesn’t help anyone but the future murderers who will kill on behalf of the religion. It’s time for people to stop making excuses – and anyone who does will have blood on their hands for playing their part in whatever happens next.

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