Watts Case Takes Extremely Bizarre Turn As Chris’ Gay Lover Comes Forward

On August 13th, pregnant Colorado mother Shannan Watts and her two young daughters — Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3 — went missing. They were found dead days later on the property of Anadarko Petroleum, where Shannan’s husband Chris Watts had worked. Now, with Chris awaiting trial, the case has taken an extremely bizarre turn, as the alleged murderer’s gay lover has come forward to expose the double life he was living behind Shannan’s back.

Christopher Watts is in court for his arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse on August 21, 2018, in Greeley, Colorado. (Photo Credit: Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

According to The Blaze, Shannan Watts and her daughters, 3-year-old Celeste and 4-year-old Bella, disappeared from their Colorado home at some point on August 13. Shannan was 15 weeks pregnant with the couple’s third child at the time of her disappearance.

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Chris Watts reportedly had an emotional conversation with Shannan about their relationship earlier that morning. Shannan had returned home from a business trip to Arizona prior to the alleged conversation, in the wee hours of August 13. During the conversation, Chris reportedly told Shannan that he wanted a separation.

Police made a welfare check on the couple’s home after Shannan didn’t show up for a 1:30 p.m. doctor’s appointment the same day. As concerns for Shanann, Celeste, and Bella mounted, a local news station interviewed Chris about their mysterious disappearance.

During the interview, Chris Watts tearfully looked into the camera and said, “Shannan, Bella, Celeste: If you’re out there, just come back. Like if somebody has her, just bring her back. I need to see everybody… This house is not complete without anybody here. Please bring ’em back.”

A day later, police took Chris Watts into custody. Then, on August 15, investigators discovered Shannan’s dead body at a petroleum company where Chris had worked. Investigators also discovered the bodies of Celeste and Bella at the site.

On Tuesday night’s “Crime & Justice” program on HLN, a man claiming to be one of Chris Watts’ former lovers told host Ashleigh Banfield that Chris had an affair with him behind his wife Shannan’s back and that he hopes that Chris spends the rest of his life behind bars.

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An unidentified man, whose story the network admitted they were unable to independently verify, called in to speak to Banfield about his alleged relationship with Chris Watts, whom he said he met online through a social media app called Meet Me. Chris identified himself as “straight” in his profile, which he later told the man was because he was not yet ready to “come out.”

“He reached out to me and messaged me. It was small talk. He told me his age. He had two daughters,” the man told Banfield. “[Chris] told me he was looking for a relationship in the long run. I asked why his profile said straight. He said he was not out and not ready to be out as far as sexuality.”

“I asked him to make sure he’s not bisexual [because] he had two children. He told me he didn’t know,” said the man, who also claimed Chris told him that he and his wife didn’t have sex anymore. “At that moment, he was attracted to me as a male,” said the source.

The unidentified male said that he only discovered that Chris was married when he was riding in Chris’ truck one day with his daughters. At that time, one of the children asked if “she could sleep with [Chris] and mommy” and Chris’ cover was blown. “That’s how I found out he was married,” said the man. “I asked why he lied to me. He told me he knew he wouldn’t have a chance with me if he told me he was married.”

Once it was out in the open that Chris was married to Shannan, he reportedly told the unidentified male that his wife was “verbally and emotionally abusive,” and that they didn’t even love each other. “[Chris] told me what I wanted to hear,” said the source.

Commenting on Chris’ arrest, the man said that he wants Watts to be locked up for the remainder of his life. “I hope he gets convicted and I hope he stays in prison for the rest of his life,” he said.

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Do you believe this gay man’s story? If it is true, it paints a picture of a man whose life was spiraling out of control as he desperately tried to maintain two facades, neither of which was true.

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