Fmr State Official: Weiner Emails Put Hillary At Center Of Pedophilia Ring

Hillary Clinton has done some twisted things over the years to make money and gain political power, but thanks to Anthony Weiner’s emails that prompted the FBI to reopen Hillary’s case, the world is about to learn just how depraved this woman truly is. A former state official is coming forward attesting to the contents of those emails, and the information will ruin Hillary and likely place her behind bars for many years to come.

Pedophiles are the vilest humans walking among us. It’s amazing that Anthony Weiner is free to walk the earth, when at the very least he should be locked away in prison for repeatedly preying upon innocent little girls.

Anthony Weiner sending pics of his junk to underage girls, all while his kid sleeps nearby

What’s even more astounding is that the very same woman who is running to be our next president is just as depraved as Weiner. According to a bombshell from a former State Department Official, Hillary is at the center of a pedophile ring in Washington, D.C. She was actively placing little girls into the hands of pedophiles, just like Anthony Weiner, all while using the Clinton Foundation as a cover to mask the illegal activity.

Wild rumors began flying several days ago as to what’s in the contents of these 650,000 Weiner emails. The story involving Hillary and the Clinton Foundation actually began back in July, after an anonymous FBI informant began posting to the online message board frequently used by anonymous hackers, known as 4chan.

The informant explained how the email server from Hillary’s previous email investigation wasn’t the “real prize,” but how the focus should be on the Clinton Foundation, who’s at the center of a pedophile ring that involves sickos within the United States and foreign countries as well.

“The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the e-mail server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the Clinton Foundation. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought,” the informant said.

One person responded: “Ok. Do tell. What about the human trafficking? I assume that those who can be indicted are involved.”

“Pedophiles and sex traffickers everywhere. Many politicians trade girls like cattle,” The FBI informant responds.

“Sex rings are popular in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that’s why HRC and Bill Clinton love foreign donors so much. They get paid in children as well as money,” the informant responds. “Dig deep and you can find it. It will sicken you.”

The FBI informant’s bombshell allegations against Hillary seemed far-fetched at the time, but now in the light of the FBI reopening their case against Hillary, other insiders are stepping forward to corroborate the claims. Unfortunately for Hillary, the rumors are now turning into facts.

Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is now under the FBI's investigation

In addition to several insiders within the NYPD validating these bombshell allegations, now a former U.S Department State official by the name of Steve Pieczenik is stepping forward to corroborate these claims. In the following video that Pieczenik published on Tuesday, the former state official testifies that information in Weiner’s emails implicates the Clintons in a pedophile ring in Washington, D.C.

“We know that both of them have been a major part and participant of what is called the ‘Lolita Express’, which is a plane owned by Jeffrey Epstein – a wealthy multimillionaire – who flies down to the Bahamas and allows Bill Clinton and Hillary to engage in sex with minors,” Pieczenik explains.

“As a result of the excellent work that the New York Police Department guys in tracking pedophiliacs, they also have a record of both Hillary and Bill and other people associated with the Clintons with regards to Pedophilia,” Pieczenik goes on to indicate the charges that will be filed against many who are involved. “Not only will she be charged with obstruction of justice, with lying to a prosector in the FBI, she will also be charged with pedophilia.”

Democrats have been largely successful in dismissing Hillary’s numerous scandals, but when it comes to exploiting the most innocent among us in the form of children being used as sex slaves for pedophiles, I doubt that there’s any hope for saving Hillary’s ass.

The only unfortunate thing is that anything of relevance coming from Weiner’s 650,000 emails won’t be made public until after our next president is elected. If Hillary does get in our White House, this is going to turn into a horrendous Constitutional disaster.

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