Westboro’s Plan For Bowie’s Funeral Backfires When Another Group Finds Out

Westboro - David Bowie

Westboro Baptist Church is back yet again. Unfortunately, the warped church is targeting David Bowie. By now, everyone with an Internet connection has probably heard about the legendary singer-songwriter’s death, following an 18-month battle with cancer. As the world mourned for the fallen star, Westboro Baptist Church began plotting to tarnish his legacy and crash his funeral by doing what they do best — picketing. However, it’s safe to say the un-Christian “Christians” never anticipated this response from another group.

Shortly after Bowie died, the twisted hate church took to Twitter with tweets about their intent to picket the funeral, according to US Uncut. However, that’s not all they tweeted about. The disgusting “church” also posted a series of tweets mocking and scrutinizing Bowie by insisting that he wasted his entire life.

Aaron Jackson, president of Planting Peace, recently told The Huffington Post how the organization immediately began doing damage control to ensure the infamous hate church doesn’t impose on a day that is supposed to be designated to memorialize a music icon.

“David Bowie inspired generations of people who loved him for his music, his artistry, and his larger than life personas,” Jackson said. “He was a role model when it came to transcending any social norms or boundaries with his individuality and personal expression. He taught us all that being different was something to embrace and celebrate. This is a small gesture to honor his legacy and the difference he made to so many. When the WBC began tweeting hateful messages to Mr. Bowie’s family and targeting various memorials for picketing, we felt like launching a fundraiser and providing a positive outlet for support that will help children and families battling cancer would be the perfect way to honor Mr. Bowie and show that acts of love and compassion speak louder than messages of hate.”

Of course, Westboro has responded to the Huffington Post publication. However, their response seemed more of a futile effort just to have the “last word,” but it’s probably safe to say they aren’t very pleased with the epic surprise. In fact, they probably feel quite stupid about their ridiculous protests since the organization has decided to turn their negative influence into something positive that will help others flourish and thrive.

This was the perfect response to such a hateful church. The best way to combat hate is to love. The members of Westboro Baptist Church are very radical in their beliefs and tend to contradict the teaching of the Bible. They take the concept of judgment to an unprecedented extreme with very little regard for the Bible’s commands about discernment. Maybe these people should attend a real Bible class instead of picketing.

[Image via Twitter]