Western Country Just Outright BANNED Islam, Initiating The ‘Trump Effect’

Western Country Just Outright BANNED Islam, Initiating The 'Trump Effect'
Slovakia is the first country in the wake of the U.S. election to outright ban Islam as a religion.

Moments after Donald Trump won the U.S. election, Muslims and liberals all over the world dramatically howled that his presidency would lead to an international movement, cracking down on Islam and the political correctness that protects it. Unfortunately for them, they were right — and one Western country just literally outlawed mosques, burqas, and even the practice of Islam as a religion within its borders.

In what we’re calling the “Trump effect,” millions of fed-up Westerners all over the world are expressing their solidarity with the President-elect’s vow to combat the Islamic agenda. In fact, before the controversial politico has even moved into the White House, countries all over the world are feeling empowered enough to initiate the conservative movement of taking back their country from those who seek to destroy it.

In a monumentally historic move, Slovakia has made international headlines for making the religion of Islam illegal within its borders. As millions of Muslim migrants pour into Europe, the 75-percent Christian majority country passed legislation that redefines Islam not as a religion but as the political movement.

The Express reports that Slovak government approved legislation only allows a faith to be defined as a religion if it has at least 50,000 followers. Unfortunately for Muslims, they only account for less than a percent of Slovakia’s population with the census estimating it at just around 2,000 members.

By redefining religion, the parliament is preventing ideologies, namely Islam, not only from being allowed to build worship centers but also from qualifying for state subsidies, according to Breitbart. This means that Muslims will not be allowed to erect mosques, blast their disruptive call to prayer, or establish Islamic schools.

“We must do everything we can so that no mosque is built in the future,” Slovak National Party (SNS) chairman Andrej Danko said. “Islamization starts with a kebab and it’s already under way in Bratislava, let’s realize what we can face in five to 10 years.”

Western Country Just Outright BANNED Islam, Initiating The 'Trump Effect'
Prime Minister Robert Fico (left) and Slovak National Party (SNS) chairman Andrej Danko succeeded in passing legislation that prevents Muslims from erecting mosques, building Islamic schools, and receiving state subsidies.

The controversial law was passed by a two-thirds majority in parliament, which is comprised of both liberal and conservative representatives. Originally, lawmakers called for a requirement of 250,000 members to be registered as a religion, but they settled for 50,000 since it may be amended if the Muslim faith grows.

Muslims will not be able to claim religious grounds for demands like wearing the burqa, multiple prayer breaks, halal foods, or gender segregation. This also prevents them from winning lawsuits against employers or businesses that force them to remove their Islamic head coverings or deny them special time off for Islamic holidays. Truly, the legislation is revolutionary in combating Sharia law.

Prime Minister Robert Fico has proven to be a strong combatant against Islam, going so far as to denounce political correctness and publically admit that Muslim migrants are turning progressive European countries into violence-filled Islamic states like the ones they left.

Speaking in May of this year, Mr. Fico said “that migrants… change the character of our country. We do not want the character of this country to change. Let’s be honest and say that will not happen in Slovakia,” he added.

Of course, leftists are throwing tantrums over Slovakia’s legislation, arguing that it is racist, intolerant, bigotted, and all other token epithets liberals favor. They claim that it denies Muslims their basic human right to freely practice religion. However, Islam isn’t merely a religion. It is a political ideology that openly commands its followers to act as militants and to refuse basic human rights to unbelievers, including the right to freedom of religion and speech. Sharia law is inseparable from Islam and instructs with divine authority to wage war on all lands and peoples until there is no other religion or law in practice.

The Quran clearly states that Muslims are to physically fight until they’ve slaughtered or subdued all non-Muslims and forced the survivors to convert or “feel burdened” by jizya, the religious tax. This command is to be taken literally, as the prophet Muhammad modeled this violence and oppression until the day he died.

Just as Muslims use our freedoms to destroy said freedoms, Slovakia is using them to protect them. Islam has its own set of laws that demand the toppling of all “man-made laws” and the implementation of Sharia by any means necessary. By enacting this legislation, Slovakia can preserve her freedoms and values from those who wish to eradicate them.

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