WATCH: Whiny Libs Asked About ‘Trump’ Policies, Quickly Learn Brutal Truth

WATCH: Whiny Libs Asked About ‘Trump’ Policies, Quickly Learn Brutal Truth
Images from the video shot on George Mason University campus

After approaching a few loud-mouthed liberals walking around Virginia, a man decided to see just how much the students disliked President Donald Trump. Of course, they were quick to answer a few questions about “Trump’s” policies – and he caught their immediate reaction to learning the brutal truth on video.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey headed over to George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, to see what the attitude on campus was like, pertaining to President Trump. As one would imagine, students were quick to express their borderline hatred toward Trump, but they were in for a rude awakening.

Seeking to see how informed and deep their understanding of the president and his policies went, the reporters decided to ask a few questions about Trump’s first 100 days – but there was a catch. As it turns out, Cabot and Amber were actually asking about former President Barack Obama’s policies all the while saying they were Trump’s.

All caught on video, the sniveling leftists were quick to bash Barack Obama’s policies for the simple fact that they temporarily thought they were Trump’s. As one would imagine, things quickly turned sour at the mere mention of Trump’s name:

Students were quick to turn on Obama’s liberal policies when they believed they were associated with Trump.

When asked about Obama’s “Apology Tour,” one student said the former president “overstepped his bounds.”

“I think it’s a bad thing for him,” another agreed. [Source: Fox News]

The most telling portion came as the students were asked about things that naturally fit the leftist narrative. Despite Obama’s policies being well within their liberal ethos, the so-called “progressives” were quick to turn on their beloved hero after being told the idea belonged to Trump.

“Knowing that Donald Trump is the one proposing it probably means that there’s some turd in the punchbowl somewhere,” one moron said. Furthermore, they weren’t fans of Obama’s executive order to make lawsuits easier by loosening statute of limitations laws, even saying that Trump was only doing it for personal benefit, even though it had nothing to do with him in the first place.

Fortunately, the pain was short-lived for the clueless liberals as Cabot and Amber would soon reveal the brutal truth. As one would imagine, the dumbfounded looks were more than pleasing, seeing the ignorant try-hards realize how little they actually knew.

The fact of the matter here is that too many people in this country don’t like Trump simply because they’re told not to by the mainstream media. Unwilling to do their own research, the ignorant leftists merely do as their told and hate Trump on account of misinformation and straight out lies.

Then again, a trusting and clueless audience makes for good foot soldiers in a pursuit that is less than honorable. Although leftists hate President Trump, this video makes it perfectly clear who is in the wrong here – and it should be a real eye-opener to the liberals that merely believe everything they’re told.