Woman Shocked By What’s Outside White House As Obama Gave Himself A Medal

A reporter decided to share a photo of the White House on social media that has since gone viral. As it turns out, it seems that there was something in front of the White House while President Barack Obama was giving himself a prestigious medal – and it has people in a tizzy.

For those unaware, last tonight Obama was pinned with the prestigious Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service. As it turns out, he was granted the award by the Defense Secretary Ash Carter – a man who Obama appointed to the position.

Many people across America view the odd ordeal to be nothing more than Obama giving himself an undeserved award through a proxy that he originally put into place. Unfortunately for Obama, it seems that him publicly patting himself on the back isn’t the only thing that has everyone’s attention as a few keen eyes picked up something at the president’s current home.

Spotted by CNN reporter Michelle Kosinski, it seems that there was something rather fitting sitting in front of the White House while Obama was busy embarrassing himself and his country. Clearly seen in a viral photo, it seems that the moving process for the Obama family has officially begun as a moving truck was parked out front.

With it finally being time to say goodbye to the worst tragedy this nation has ever seen, Obama and his freeloading family are set to officially leave in about two weeks. However, it looks like the current residents are making the gradual move rather than rush things all on the day Donald Trump is set to move his things in.

Although this is typically how it’s done, it doesn’t take much to understand why Obama would want to be out of the White House far before his successor is seen roaming the halls. Beyond the obvious embarrassment (you know, the whole “you’ll never win” thing), Obama has always been one to ensure the least amount of effort in whatever he does. With that being said, you can bet his last few days will be every bit as useless as the past 8 years – or maybe even worse, if that’s possible.

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