Liberal Media Hides Key Detail About ‘White Male’ Who Shot Ohio Deputy

Liberal Media Tries To Hide Key Detail About 'White Male' Who Shot Ohio Deputy
The mainstream media attempted to pass off the shooter as a “white male,” but their agenda fell apart after the truth surfaced.

The leftist media was overjoyed to report that a “white male” brandished an AK-47 and shot at three people, one of them being a female deputy. However, the facts have come forward to reveal that the mainstream media’s liberal bias has failed them, once again blowing up in their faces after key information regarding the shooting isn’t exactly what they hoped it would be.

Although many domestic disputes turn violent, leftist media hardly ever give two lines to such matters unless they can find a way to push one of their political agendas. So, when a family fight resulted in the shooting of an officer by a man with very little pigment, progressives were salivating over the thought of a right-wing, white Christian male violently clinging to his guns. The problem is that they were dead wrong yet again.

After first reporting that a “white male” had shot a deputy and attempted to kill his neighbor and his father, leftist news stations are backtracking and attempting to quietly dispose of reports concerning the shooting — all because his true “race” has come forward.

Fox News 19 released a police description and photo of the shooter, 19-year-old Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui. That’s right, the shooter is a bearded Muslim man with a Middle Eastern heritage and not a “white male.” Since the left considers Islam a race, one that deserves special privilege and protection, the shooter cannot possibly be considered “white,” which leftists also believe is a race in itself.

Contradicting themselves as always, the left wants us to believe that any criticism of Muslims is racist, but this Muslim’s ethnicity is somehow Caucasian this time. You can’t have the best of both liberal agendas. Fortunately, we were able to judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his religious beliefs. In this case, it’s that violence is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with unbelievers, as was modeled by the shooter’s prophet of the same name.

According to WLWT, Lt. John Faine had described the suspect as “Middle Eastern,” which much of the media ignored and even redacted from reports.

“We responded to a domestic situation tonight,” said Lt. John Faine with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. “During that situation, a deputy from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office was shot. The deputy is conscious and alert now…The suspect is still at large and believed to be armed. He’s a 19-year-old Middle Eastern male with a green baseball cap on that says ‘O’Reilly Auto Parts.”

Cincinnati reports that Deputy Katie Barnes responded to a domestic violence call between the suspect and his brother and father at their apartment complex on Montgomery Road Thursday evening. The dispute quickly turned violent when Mohammed brandished an AK-47, opening fire on his father and then Barnes. While returning fire, a bullet struck Barnes in the abdomen, prompting her to wait for backup to arrive.

Two neighbors went outside, thinking the shots were firecrackers. It was then that Mohammed came face to face with them, shooting twice at Jason Ratliff but missing.

Fortunately, Mohammed was apprehended early this morning and Deputy Barnes is in stable condition with non-life threatening wounds. According to WCPO, he was charged with two counts of felonious assault, one count of attempted murder and one count of attempted aggravated murder.

Unfortunately for the left, there’s no getting around Mohammed unmistakable name and “Middle Eastern” origin. I guess they had no idea that Muslims come in all colors and nationalities, considering that converting to Islam doesn’t miraculously change their DNA. Still, it somehow escapes them that adopting a set of 7th-century concepts isn’t anything more than personal belief and choice, which should always be questioned.

Perhaps the spin doctors at left-leaning outlets can still find a way to twist this incident to benefit their agenda. Maybe they’ll update their stories to include a narrative on police violence against minorities. They might even create a “Muslim man was forced to resort to violence because of racist American values” campaign to excuse the shooting. Surely they can still promote a gun grab since this individual used an “assault rifle,” according to the fearful, uninformed left wing.

However they manage to portray this event, you can bet they’ll wear out their tongues repeating “this has nothing to do with Islam,” as even the most brutal attacks by Muslims targeting non-Muslims while shouting “Allahu Akbar” are never do to them.

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Photo Credit [Fox News, WCPO]

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