‘White People Are Deluded!’ — Crazed Man Spews Shocking Racist Tirade On City Train

A crazed man was caught on video on a city train as he lashed out in a racist tirade. The footage is garnering a lot of attention after what he had to say about white people, calling them “deluded” and leaving passengers shocked as his behavior only went from bad to worse.

A man on the London Underground spewed violent, racist comments at other riders (Photo Credit: Alex Nevin-Tylee, Wikimedia Common/Screengrab, Daily Mail)

Life in a big city is hard. You have to put up with the crowds, the unending traffic, and most likely a stressful job. All that is compounded by having to ride public transportation on a daily basis. If you’re unlucky enough to take a subway train to work, conditions can be very unpleasant.

Those conditions are made even worse when there is a rude or disgruntled person on board with you. They might refuse to move when you want to get on, or perhaps, they are taking up more seats than are necessary. Worse still, they might push and shove when trying to get on or off the train. However, rarely do you expect someone to go on a furious, racist tirade when you’re on your morning commute.

That’s just what happened recently on the London Underground when a man started shouting at his fellow passengers because of their race. In a startling reversal – that will surely mean this is ignored by the liberal media – the black man was cursing out white people. The violent and aggressive rant was captured on video by another passenger and posted online.

A black man has been recorded launching a furious, racist tirade against white commuters on the London Underground and asking to fight them.

The shocking video, which was passed to the MailOnline website, was shot surreptitiously by another passenger on the Victoria Line.

“I can do what I want!” he screams at an unseen passenger as the video begins, lurching forward in his seat. “Don’t talk! Never talk! Shut your mouth!”…

“I hate you lot … I hate white people. You’re deluded. Troublemakers. You’ve got nothing happening … They’re going home bored,” he spits. [Source: Breitbart]

You can view the video below. Warning, though, it gets quite intense:

The man continues his rant, calling white people drunkards and alcoholics. He attacks white people, making odd claims about their personal lives. At one point, he even threatens to fight a fellow passenger over his race. He even threatens to kill a man.

In the video footage, the man can be seen sandwiched between two uncomfortable commuters as he shouts: ‘White people are all alcoholics. All you care about is the pub. Nothing has happened to you ever in your life.’

He then starts asking people opposite whether they want to ‘fight’ him and at one stage, sits up out of his seat as if to lurch forward. [Source: Daily Mail]

According to eyewitness reports, the man was not provoked into action but singled out other passengers to harass.

A woman who wished to remain anonymous told MailOnline: ‘I was commuting home on the tube yesterday evening when an older man started a verbal dispute against passengers.

‘The man was first seen targeting a young suited man before continuing onto monologue his racist opinions to the tube. [Source: Daily Mail]

It seems like the confrontation ended without anyone getting harmed, though the other passengers were on high alert, should the man throw a punch or pull out a knife.

You might be wondering to yourself, “Why did this happen?” It may seem like an isolated incident, but situations like this are happening more often. The liberal media around the world continues to broadcast the message of racial activist groups like Black Lives Matter. Leftists politicians and figures bash white people, pointing to them as the source of all evil.

Black activists blame “white privilege” for all the ills facing black people. They paint white people as the perpetrators of all of society’s problems. The mainstream media all but encourages these sentiments, never challenging them or sticking up for this huge segment of the population.

With that in mind, how could there not be black people spewing these things?

Don’t be surprised if American media outlets refuse to cover this story. Liberal news consistently showcases racist acts against people of color and minorities, but rarely do they acknowledge the same kind of behavior towards white people. Far be it for them to be fair and honest.

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