White Tennessee Server Shocked After Spotting What Racist Customers Wrote On Receipt

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Server Nathan Bergeron (left) was shocked to see the racist message customers left on a receipt (right).

A Tennessee server, working at a restaurant in Memphis, was left a racist message on a receipt by one of his customers. The struggling server could not believe the lack of tip along with the message he was left Sunday evening while working hard, and it’s enough to make any decent person’s blood boil.

A hateful message saying, “We don’t tip white people lol” was left on server Nathan Bergeron’s receipt, along with no tip. Bergeron, the server who got stiffed, is a struggling adult working at On The Border Mexican Grill so he can save enough money for an apartment.

Brandy Sciara, his best friend, saw the horrible, racist message on her phone when her friend Nathan Bergeron sent her a picture of the receipt a couple left him during his shift at On The Border Mexican Grill near Wolfchase. “I was absolutely devastated and so sad for him,” said Sciara. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

Nathan goes to work every day, even working double shifts to make ends meet. Sometimes, he will give his friends a ride to work in exchange for a night on their couch. He lives out of his car, living his life paycheck to paycheck, and the anti-white couple who stiffed him made his situation even harder.

Nathan’s customers wrote “We don’t tip white ppl LOL” on their receipt.

In honor of the stiffed server, his friend Brandy set up a GoFundMe page so people could donate to Nathan, and it has reached almost $6,000. People in the community are rallying together to support and help Nathan and his current situation.

Brandy posted the story to social media hoping to gets words of encouragement for Nathan, but people were asking her if they could donate money to help him get back on his feet. She talks about how much he is struggling day to day, “I’ve seen Nathan, he’s counting his dollars and trying to add it up to see if he has gas to make it [to] work the next day,” said Sciara. “He’s not going to tell you how it really makes him feel, he’s just hoping he has a couch to sleep on the next day.” [Source: News 3]

According to his friend Brandy, Nathan has never been the guy to complain about his situation or ask for help, so she is going out of her way to get him the new beginning he deserves. Brandy brags about Nathan’s amazing attitude and positive outlook on life, which makes donating to his fresh start even more meaningful.

Unfortunately, it is no surprise that this story has not been covered on the national news. The liberal mainstream media has ignored it since the server is white. According to the left’s narrative, white folks are never discriminated against and have some sort of privilege that only exists in the minds of racist people who want free stuff. Only black people have to deal with “racists,” according to mainstream media. The fake news will never cover this story, so deplorables like us have to shed light on it.