Whoopi Freaks, Cuts Show Off As Omarosa’s ‘New Trump Tape’ Proves Hillary’s Guilty

Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared on The View today, promising to play a “new White House secret tape” that no one else had ever heard. But, Omarosa is an idiot. She hyped the tape of President Donald Trump, saying, “It will show him rambling, incoherent.” Whoopi was salivating, so excited as the tape started, but then, it went all wrong. The tape clearly incriminates Hillary Clinton, causing Goldberg to freak out and cut off the show. You’ll love this.

Whoopi Goldberg (left), Omarosa Manigault Newman (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Omarosa can kiss goodbye whatever little fame she was seeking with her bogus tell-all book called “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.” According to Manigault Newman, a new tape proves Trump is “mentally unstable.” That’s the line she used on The View this morning.

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She pumped up this tape like it would be proof positive Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. But, to the shock of the shrews sitting around the table with Omarosa, it was the exact opposite.

Daily Mail reports, “Newman said the tape was from an October 2017 meeting of the press shop that Trump allegedly crashed. Also heard on the tape are then-communications director Hope Hicks and press secretary, Sarah Sanders.”

Omarosa claimed Trump “crashed” the meeting, but the tape does not prove that at all. Now, consider the fact that this is way back in October 2017, and at that time, we were just starting to find out bits and pieces about a possible cabal at the DOJ and FBI, who may have spied on Trump illegally. In October 2017, no one has any hard proof yet, so what the president reveals in this tape proves he was way ahead of the curve.

On The View, Whoopi made a dramatic introduction, saying, “OK, so we have this brand new tape,” as Goldberg looks to the audience with excitement. “About the Russia investigation, can you set this up? I want to get this right.” Omarosa thinks she has got Trump with this tape, which proves she has got to be the biggest idiot on this planet.

The fired White House aide says, “Well Donald Trump has no attention span. He would crash meetings, and this meeting was with the Communications staff and the press shop. We were meeting to talk about tax reform, or…” She laughs then, little did she know the joke is on her. “Or his trip to North Korea,” said Omarosa.

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Finally, after she rambles on, trashing Trump and painting him as a complete dunce, the tape rolls. Here is the transcript which is a discussion about Hillary’s campaign paying her law firm “Perkins Coie” for the bogus “Trump-Russia dossier,” which is called the phony report on the tape:

Trump: I think Hillary is getting killed with Russia. The real Russia story is Hillary and collusion. Somebody told me, Hope, you told me it was $9 million they spent on the phony report.

Sanders: Closer to six.

Hope Hicks: Yeah, someone just said, “She’s far worse for the country than we thought if she didn’t know her own campaign was spending $9 million.”

Trump: Did you see? Nobody knows who spent it. No, I heard it was nine. I heard it was 5.7, but now, they say it was nine. It was spent through a law firm that way they can’t trace it. But, they traced it. One thing in this business is they trace it. And, yeah, close to $9 million. I can’t even believe it. The reason a law firm is because this way you don’t have to give any papers. But, they found out, it’s definitely illegal, and it’s illegal from a campaign standpoint, from a campaign financing standpoint. So, the whole Russia thing, I think seems to have turned around. What do you think, Sarah?

Sanders: Absolutely.

In October 2017, this would be shocking news. To learn Hillary Clinton’s campaign had bought and paid for a bogus dossier on her political opponent and, obviously, she had reason to cover it up using her go-between “Perkins-Coie” law firm to funnel the money to pay Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele.

Then, Fusion GPS took Hillary’s dossier and colluded with Barack Obama’s DOJ and FBI using that “phony report,” aka the Trump-Russia dossier, as evidence on FISA applications to spy on Trump and his campaign.

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Well, what did Whoopi do immediately after the tape was done playing? She panicked, cutting the show and went to commercial. And, when the show resumed, you would think the shrews would be hot to talk about this bombshell on Trump, right? Wrong. They never mentioned this tape again during the entire show! Now, we all have to thank Omarosa. She’s so desperate for airtime, she actually duped The View into helping the president prove Hillary is the criminal, once and for all.

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